1. Waiting for that one user who discovers for the first time they’re actually colorblind.

  2. Why does Greenland say “76”?

  3. for you colorblind people, its a picture of

  4. I can oh so slightly make out the outline of what this is supposed to be via context clues, but for the most part all I see is a green (yellow? meh) dot field.

  5. r/mapswithout

  6. Bastard

  7. r/colorblind crying right now

  8. Is this one of those diagrams where I’ll see a bear pop out if I look at it right way?

  9. No Hawaii or maybe I’m just color blind…

  10. I’m not even colorblind and this shit hurts my eyes

  11. you didnt put any continent

  12. This didn’t load immediately for me and I thought the joke was that it was a grey rectangle

  13. Sending this to my colourblind dad without context

  14. what’s the joke?

  15. Jokes on you, I’m just tritanopic .

  16. You fuck

  17. Wrong colors bitch I can still see!

  18. Reply
    AgitatedPerspective9 March 29, 2022 at 8:13 pm

    I dont get it???

  19. I hate you

  20. /r/MapsWithoutNZ

    Edit: it’s a joke lmao

  21. u/dalton-bot

  22. OK, but why is there a land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe?

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