+783 Hopi Snake Priest in ca 1924. The Hopis…

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2022-03-29 20:20:35

+783 – Hopi Snake Priest in ca 1924. The Hopis regard snakes as their “brothers” and rely on them to carry their prayers for rain to the underworld, where the gods and the spirits of the ancestors live.

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  1. Photograph possibly made by [Ralph Murphy](https://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/90710209/)

    [Original for comparison](https://i.imgur.com/ufQxwXk.jpg)


    The priest and snake took part in a religious ceremony along with other priests of the Snake Clan as well as the Antelope clan. The ceremony was held every two years in August and culminated in the Snake Dance after a 9 days long ritual (some accounts say 16 days).

    The snakes were of all species, and even rattlesnakes. They were dug up and gathered over the course of 4 days from each of the intercardinal directions (northwest, southwest, southeast, and northeast). After the snakes had been baptised the priests then imparted their prayers to them by holding them in their mouths.

    After dancing around the snakes in the village plaza the priests would individually grab hold of as many snakes as they could, running out into the desert to release them, hoping the snakes will act as messengers and deliver the Hopi’s prayers to the spirits and Rainmarkers that reside in the underworld.

    The ceremonies continue to this day, and although outsiders were once welcomed/tolerated to observe the Hopi have since barred any tourists from spectating to keep their sacred ceremonies private.

    This photo marks the fifth in a series of twenty photos I’ve colorized of Indigenous and First Nations people who lived a century ago in America.

  2. But we don’t bite our friends, do we? That’s right we don’t.

  3. Perfect colorization

  4. Damn, that’s metal as fuck

  5. That is one badass dude.

  6. I’ve had pet snakes. Never put my mouth on them, but they loved cuddling. I’m sure these guys were about it too

  7. This is outstanding Sanna!! really amazing job

  8. This is really incredible. I thought this was a recent photo until I read the caption. Never would have guessed it was from 1924.

  9. Ok, that’s great but do we have to put ’em in our *mouths*?

    I use a certain type of pen at work. I believe this pen helps me.

    But I don’t walk around with poisonous, deadly, very much alive pens in ma mouf.

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