1. What happened to the chocolate that he dipped into the marshmallow at the beginning?

  2. I’m more offended by the chocolate dipped in fluff that he unceremoniously tossed onto a plate with no crumb to keep it from sticking than I am by the end creation. He never even used that fluff covered chocolate bar, just dunked it and stuck it to a plate for giggles or something.

  3. Did my man just reverse engineer s’mores than rap it in a pancake

  4. I have an irrational hatred of those cartoon popups. Every time with this guy.

  5. Holy shit, they put the chocolate at the end TWICE. Having it spill out once wasn’t enough.

  6. This sounds good honestly but I like regular s’mores. You need the crunch from the graham cracker

  7. Why does everyone on chef club have a hard on for griddles? I swear no one on there cooks with fire and pans. It’s bizarre to me.

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    ChampionshipFew7399 March 29, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Is it stupid? Yes .
    Would I eat it?
    Also yes.

  9. I’d honestly try it.

    Edit: Thank you for the award and upvotes!

  10. “No babe, look, I swear to god the recipe says right here that I need to Beat Box for a minute. AHEM, tikatikatikatika poom poom poom!”

  11. You know what a smores really needs to be complete? To be wrapped up inside an absurdly long pancake tube and for the marshmallow to be just a bunch of raw good with a small handful of browning on top.

  12. The toasted marshmallow top made me want this even more. Yuuuuum.

  13. I have two basic reactions to most videos posted on this sub (there is always an exception to the rule). The first being “this is terrible what kind of monster would do this?” Second is me thinking “thats not so bad” then they inevitably do something that takes it too far. Sometimes I think “well I’ve seen worst. I can see why someone would want to make this”. This video definitely falls in to that ladder part. It’s not the worst thing I’ve seen but that marshmallow fluff and then actual marshmallows were too much. Though I’m sure it tastes so much better than a lot of the things I have seen on here

  14. I’d have a slice.

  15. All it misses is a few rounds of deep frying

  16. I’d not put the marshmallow on at the end or do the baking step. I’d also replace rank Hershey’s with dairy milk. But I’d totally slice this and eat it with a scoop of soft ice cream.

    So I guess what I’m saying is… Just make a Nutella crepe.

  17. Dear lord, if I so much as open a tub of that awful marshmallow fluff it gives me a sugar headache…

  18. Is it unhealthy? Yes.

    Is it over engineered? Yes.

    Is it stupid? Yes.

    Is it stupid-bad? No.

    While dumb as all balls, while awful for you, this dude made a fucking smores-crepe roulade. And it’s probably the nicest thing anyone has put on here in ages.

  19. Honestly, this isn’t that terrible as a concept as it’s basically [buche de noel](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yule_log_(cake)) but with a s’mores theme instead of just chocolate or icing. It’s certainly a lot faster to make than baking cake and easier to assemble than rolling said cake into log form.

    The dumbest part is the fluff dipped chocolate bar wasn’t used for anything as far as I could tell.

  20. I don’t understand why people say shit like “diabetes galore” or “heart attack machine” whenever they see shit like this. Have you ever heard of a cheat meal? It’s not like you’re gonna eat that shit every day.

  21. I have the biggest sweet tooth, i’d gladly devour that lol. But yeah definitely stupid.

  22. Whats the song called?

  23. Guys, this is not that bad. You think it’s a lot of sweet because it’s chocolate bars, but if that were something like chocolate frosting or Nutella, this wouldn’t seem that bad, while still having the same amount of sugar.

    Besides, it’s not like you’re gonna be eating the whole log yourself. You’re just gonna have a slice.

  24. First time that channel made something I might actually take a bite of

  25. The only stupid part was using Hershey instead of something good like Dove.

    Cuz that looks fuckin tasty!

  26. While I’d try it, it became too much when they put the fluff on the griddle. Should have stopped at the pancake and just dipped or poured fluff on top

  27. This is not really a stupid food though? Adjust the ratios and it might be pretty good.

  28. So it’s a S’more Roll.

    This is rather indulgent but it’s not stupid. It’s kind of a clever reimagining of a classic.

  29. Just here for the hersheys hate wagon

  30. nothing stupid about this. looks amazing

  31. Y’all never had smores crepes? That’s almost what this is, if it was a thinner pancake and not giant…

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    Available_Coyote897 March 29, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    Looks good. I could’ve done that in half the time with fewer steps. Step one: just break the chocolate bar upand distribute evenly before you melt it.

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    Apprehensive-Wish130 March 29, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    So y’all acting like this is worse than eating ice cream daily when u see a crazy dessert , but most likely you’d eat this like once a year maybe , stop acting like y’all some healthy saints like me

  34. My teeth hurt just watching this.

  35. What’d that box of Graham crackers do to him? Just take the sleeves out and smash them. No need to destroy the box too. 🙁

  36. I want to make sweet love to this log.

  37. These instructions are awful, too

    No measurements, “bake” instead of “broil”, some weird fluff dipped bar that doesn’t appear again…

    Who makes these??

  38. And a mocha frap with that please

  39. This is actually a really great party snack idea if there’s like 10-20 people eating it and half is still there at the end of the night lol

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    InternetDetective122 March 29, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    I recognize those animals… Is this CHEFCLUB? GET THAT SHIT OUT OF HERE!

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    Flashy-Category-8069 March 29, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    My phone just put on 5 pounds

  42. For when you’re trying to invent Type 3 diabeetus

  43. First one ever that I actually want to try 🥺

  44. Give it to me

  45. I can see myself eating it and complaining later why I’m so F’N heavy…

  46. Where did the dipped chocolate come back into this?

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