1. It’s an r/golf post released as an official statement lol

  2. Lol. From now on I shall only announce my accomplishments in writing on official letterhead. Incredible.

  3. “whereupon” fucking sent me

  4. I am very modest. I am the most modest person you will ever meet. No one is more modest than I am. Everyone says this.

  5. Do I believe he got a hole in one? Yes.

    Do I believe he is a very modest individual? No.

  6. I mean this reads exactly like Trump… can’t you hear his voice while reading this? The end killed me hahahaha

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    HollyFlaxStillSucks March 29, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    This is hysterical

  8. Amazing lol

  9. No one tell him about Kim Il Sung’s golf record. Lol

  10. Lmaoo this is hilarious

  11. “How can the guy who does nothing but play golf get lucky and make a hole in one?” It’s bound to happen to any golfer that can hit a straight shot if they play enough.

  12. Why did I read this in his voice and hands?

  13. I don’t brag. Watch the video here

  14. It’s about the same as some of the posts on here. Difference is, he is a Former President.

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    Walking-taller-123 March 29, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    Honestly this tracks for me. He played golf basically every weekend he was president, I would expect him to be good at it. He’s also a raging narcissist, so I would also expect him to make a goddamn press release about it.

  16. This is great. Lol.

  17. No one likes someone that brags, but everybody likes me, some love, some only like, that’s okay, but everybody loved my hole in one, and they all said it was the best hole in one they’d ever seen and that the future never looked brighter

  18. “I don’t like to brag. Ask anyone, everyone talks about how I don’t like to brag. In fact I never brag, I’m not a bragger! I wouldn’t even know how to brag. I mean, if I DID brag I’d be the best bragger ever, obviously. But I just don’t brag!”

  19. ….and I don’t like people who brag! Classic. All he does is brag constantly

  20. No matter how you feel about the guy, this is objectively hilarious 😂

  21. I’m sure the comments on this post will be civil

  22. 5 iron 181 yds is not possible by Donald. Not with his swing. Not into the wind (whether it’s simply a slight or rather stronger wind, which is unclear).

  23. If I ever get an ace I will practically copypasta this. It’s brilliant.

  24. That liar didn’t hit no 5i 185y.

    Edited for kindergartner spelling error

  25. Because it’s fucking hilarious

  26. Downvote brigade is going hard in this comment section.

  27. lmao I wish this guy still had twitter

  28. I’m not a Trump guy, but I’m ok with this

  29. How much different is this than any of the people in this sub making a post when they get a hole in one? He’s an old guy with a much bigger audience.

    I’ve never had one, but if I did, id be posting it on Facebook and Reddit. This is basically his version of that.

  30. This is better comedy than any movie made in the last 10 years

  31. Playing in a 5-some? Fuck him.

  32. Who has the video link?

  33. aw gross dude why did you post a jpg of some guy masturbating

  34. What was this posted on originally? Lol

  35. This is hilarious lmao

  36. The man is a meme

  37. This is fricken legendary hahahaha

  38. Incredible

  39. I hate this guy but this is objectively really fucking funny

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