1. I feel this sooooo much! Those last few bits… fuck me

  2. I did like 25 laps of this on GT7 before my iRacing event in TCR. made nearly zero mistakes and finished 2nd place. Everything I was doing on GT7 carried over to iRacing. Love this track. Why did I not just practice in iRacing? Way more punishing and VR takes a toll after awhile.

  3. Kinda gave up on the GP section didn’t they?

  4. The Real most tough Thing

  5. That’s funny!

  6. OMG, I finally got gold in IA-10 last night. That track is brutal.

  7. Playing both games regularly I absolutely LOVE this! Haha
    Would make an awesome “Displate” sign! (If you haven’t seen them repped on YouTube they are really nice looking metal signs with custom prints on them)

  8. It is N**ü**rburgring, not Nurburgring




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    IronGuardLegionaire March 29, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    I never knew how hard the nurbergring really was until I played it in gt7. No amount of videos on youtube could have prepared me for this gauntlet

  10. I love the graphics, though personally the nurburgring isn’t actually that hard… just incredibly long.

  11. Looks dope!

  12. It made laugh a lot

  13. r/sbubby

  14. Considering I’m alternating between the two, this is wonderful

  15. This is soo true and I have never been to Nurburing, just sim racing on it for the last 20 years.

  16. I’m in that same group lmao

  17. It’s still a bit different irl. The track feels wider irl than in game. Don’t know why. Maybe VR can fix that.

  18. this is especially true in GT4

  19. Generally speaking I’m an OK driver, but for the life of me I just can’t figure the Nurburgring out, never took the time to learn it, and I dread every race I have to do there.

  20. Porsche 911, in the wet, TCS at 1

  21. My new goal: navigate the Burg successfully in my supercharged Miata v8 swap.

  22. Enrage Ring

  23. So, it’s like the Dark Souls of race tracks?

  24. Nurb is the most beautiful drive in any game ever

  25. The turns where there’s pavement and concrete. Mostly the lefts

  26. This is now my all time favorite racing meme lol

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