1. So Murlocs and Curses seem to be the main themes?

    Kinda wish there were more demons in this deck, but can’t say I dislike Murlocs either

  2. Can be really strong but I dislike the idea of holding your minions in what’s supposed to be an aggro strategy?

  3. I am frightened by whatever is going on in this art. Is it cannibalism? A forbidden murloc ritual? Perhaps just dinner time. Who is to say, but I’m uncomfortable.

  4. So Murlock is an *actual* thing.

  5. If only warlock had some way of filling up their hand to be buffed…

  6. Seems like it could be good.

    if you control 2 murlocs its a 2 mana +3/+3 to all murlocs in hand, I think that is probably good enough if you are hitting 1 or 2 murlocs in hand.

    If there are enough murlocs to support this card, then I think it is likely to see play in a zoo handbuff type archetype. That said, handbuff swarm type decks really rely on pushing the board early and winning as quickly as possible, as the game goes on this will become much less impactful. This card also needs to exist in a deck which has A LOT of murlocs, you don’t want to be having to hold murlocs in hand to benefit from the effect, you want to be able to get them all out onto the board to make this card as good as possible, and then still have enough in hand to benefit from the effect.

    I think this card falls into the super good or super bad category. If there are enough murlocs for it to be worth including in a deck, it will be a really good card in that deck. If there aren’t enough murlocs to make that deck, it will be completely useless. Just have to wait and see I guess.

    Edit: I think this could be pretty good in wild, murloc decks often pop back up in wild when some ridiculous murloc support is added, like murloc shaman in forged in the barrens with firemancer flurgl and the rest of the murlocs introduced for shaman in that expansion. The same could happen with this card, wild definitely has enough good murlocs to support this, whether or not it will still be fast enough for wild in the current state of the game remains to be seen.

  7. If the flavor text doesn’t reference stealing the Krabby Patty formula, we riot

  8. This seems really hard to make work. Murlocs are the hand dump tribe and are heavily reliant on the initiative. Obviously, Warlocks have draw, but being on board, having the hand to buff and 2 mana to spare is too hard to pull off. And then you have to make up the tempo with the tribe that can’t play from behind.

    Warlock still has a lot unrevealed, but there’d have to be some rework to how Murlocs function.

  9. Handbuff murloc warlock (?)

  10. Seems like anti synergy with itself. Puts you in this weird place between playing out murloc for a bigger bonus or savoring them to hit more with the bonus. Reminds me of similar decision points as the hunter rats 6 drop.

  11. Why not chum dumpster?

  12. this is an unfortunate card name

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    GringottsWizardBank March 29, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    Loving the Murlock support.

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    Key-Manufacturer-737 March 29, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    is that a chumstain on your pants?

  15. Can’t wait for the rest of the Wurlok support

  16. Hir’eek being in core set AND being a Murloc confirmed!

  17. [removed]

  18. Weird that they decided to show this instead of any decent murlocs first that you can play in a warlock tempo deck, I would assume they would reveal some more neutral ones first.

  19. I know Warlock probably has the draw power to make an effect like this viable, but I’m just not seeing it. Murloc decks tend to want to dump their hand as fast as possible. Chum Bucket feels like it has anti-synergy with what the rest of the deck wants to be doing.

  20. This just feels like anti-synergy for Warlock. Good card, just not for the right hero at the right time…

  21. Warlock needs a lot of fast and good draw to justify running this in a tempo/midrange deck


  23. I don’t see a universe in which this card is good. When am I ever going to have time to pay 2 mana to receive no immediate effect in a board-based Murloc deck? Not just that, but 2 mana which requires me to have a Murloc on board already in order to not be an objectively worse Smuggler’s Run?

    What even is the best case scenario with this card? Hope I stick a Murloc on turn 1, then pass turn 2 playing Chum Bucket? Turn 1 Tinyfin into Coin into Chum Bucket? It’s such a huge tempo loss for a card built around supporting a tribe which relies on early board control. The existence of this card *should* imply that Warlock is getting an insanely powerful 1-drop Murloc, like Flame Imp equivalent power level, to make this card worth playing.

  24. Wait a second

    Is this name REAL? Why no one points out the weirdness and naughtiness of this f name?

    It is literally CUM BUCKET.

  25. my big demons dream is over for this expansion

  26. Handbuff Murloc Warlock, the most boring archetype smh (seriously they’re pushing weird stuff)

  27. Handbuff murloc warlock Lmao

  28. How many of these “Do X for each minion you control” cards have worked? Is it just Composting?

    I recall the MSoG mana ramp card not doing so well.

  29. Fuck yes.

  30. I think this card might be a bit better than people think. It’s a great way to kill mana when you already have a board and dont want to extend into AoE. If murlocs become more abundant, this will be a good card.

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    DirectionNecessary82 March 29, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    Good lord, the old murloc decks were the pirate warrior decks of the old days. Run by people who couldn’t figure out how to make a competitive deck.

    So now we know what will replace them.

  32. So blizzard is saying that warlock is going to be trash in arena, I see

  33. YEP Chum

  34. Im sorry but at first glance i read it “Cum Bucket”

  35. They very much seem to want to push murloc warlock while also supporting it in a bit more of a midrange strategy, rather than “flood the board and pray”

  36. Hmm buffs hand but not board… Aggro can’t really use this i think

  37. Forbidden Chum Jar.

  38. Welp, comeback time for Seadevil Stinger.

  39. Ah yes, the CUM BUCKET.

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