1. Dayyum she didnt hold back

  2. This behaviour reflects on your upbringing masoom. Khaandani Ameer hone se kuch nahi hota. Interns ko pay na kar k jo paise bachaye usse thoda class khareed lena

  3. Damnn!! Either shes too brave to be so vocal about this or else something seriously went down between these two

  4. People who fake a rag to riches story are the worst kind

  5. Masoom was running away from her all through the cosmo night coz she rightfully called her out

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    Ilovebeautynskincare March 29, 2022 at 10:32 am


  7. Masoom must be so pissed with her不不不

  8. She absolutely talking about Masoom and only her. One of her stories says chatter in my DMs

  9. Masoom minawala has such an insipid personality. I wish I was born into money and was an influencer.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt Zingy do the same thing – fake a rags to riches story? From what I understand, her family is pretty well off and they vacation in the Maldives. Maybe she wasnt as well off as Masooms family, but she was very privileged herself.

    (Subject to correction, only started following her recently.)

  11. And I can never trust people whore bitchy about their colleagues. Its like she knows shell get the attention on this sub, she definitely lurks here and she wants to get picked here. This is the same shit Shreya Jain pulled, not like other influencers, Im different kinda pretentious vibe. And how did that go btw?

  12. So food isnt the only thing she digs.

  13. but the thing is i don’t think masoom is the only influencer doing this. i mean there must be many influencers out there giving exposure in stipend

  14. Im so glad she said the TRUTH!

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