1. “Streak freezes give a false sense of accomplishment,” I say as I buy another one to make sure I don’t run out.

  2. My record is 12 freezes in a month (July 2020) 🥶

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    Important-Hunter2877 March 30, 2022 at 1:41 am

    A Duolingo streak looks nice on paper only.

    I feel like streak freezes are steroids on ice.

  4. Mate, I’ve used 14 this month. Try harder

  5. I have no shame. I don’t care that I skipped half the week to ace the leader board

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    WhatEvenIsExistence March 30, 2022 at 1:41 am

    I used a lot of streak freezes when I was living in the country of my target language (using the language literally every day) , am I forgiven?

  7. I’m at 510 and my calendar looks like Dr. Freeze jizzed all over it.

  8. I really wish it was possible to opt out.

  9. I hit a 200 streak recently. And I do have 2 freezes from right at the start when I wasn’t consisting and honestly had no idea what was going on

  10. Im on a 1260 day streak. Ive missed 2 days in that time.

    Edit- Still annoyed about 1, just flat out forgot. Still streaks are good for days when more important things happen

  11. Is there something to be said for taking breaks from daily language practice? Serious question. I know immersion helps you learn quickly, but maybe cheat days prevent feelings of overload?

  12. From the learning point of view Dúo should allow no more than one day streak freeze in a row. Even if one learn every other day it gives some progress but two or more days should be considered as a fail. But I would like to see something like a holiday (one or two weeks) to be available to take one or two time a year. Don’t you think?

    Enjoy your life and enjoy your learning.

  13. Feels like the point here is that freezes are cheaty…
    I agree. Haven’t used any

  14. Farpetement

  15. I’ll admit my 1350 day streak does have it’s fair share of freezes in it…

    But I try to do double the next day. 2 lessons instead of just 1 to make up for the missed day.

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