1. I love them both sooo much tho

  2. Agreed. The only downgrade is going from black to white.

    But overall it’s just an upgrade.

  3. Both. Both is good.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a normal-ghost type for sooo long. Not only do we finally get one, but it’s a variant of an already awesome Pokémon with the coolest ability in the game (shame there weren’t abilities in this game but in hopefully it’ll be in future games)

  5. I like the original

  6. This post taught me that I am old.

  7. The new shiny is bad ass.

  8. I always loved base Zorua but always thought Zorark was a terrible design and ugly as hell. Their original form/hisuan variant is absolute perfection and is just better every way.

  9. Just found two shinys of it in the same outbreak. Caught one, but didn’t actually see the ball catch, kept going with the outbreak, then had another wander onto the screen and I assumed I had failed to catch the first. Nope, I’d just found two!

  10. A Ghost Normal type is like dividing by zero. It shouldn’t exist!

  11. I’m mixed I actually really dig both

  12. male and female versions imo. I’ve already headcannoned that my weavile will be make and sneasler female. just based on appearance and color

  13. Zoroark is my favourite Pokémon and will always be my favourite, but husiun zorark is 100 is my top ten!!

  14. So much better

  15. I like the old one better, but that’s just my opinion

  16. Tbh hisuin zoruo looks depressed and the evolved version looks emo

  17. New zoura is better but new zororark is ugly AF. Especially the shiny version. Like I caught a shiny zoura and thought it was such a good color scheme but yeah after evolving it it’s just ugly.

  18. Absolutely though, Zoroark wasn’t even on my radar for favorite Pokemon before Legends Arceus and now it’s my 5th favorite because of its Hisuian form!

  19. My dark ghosti boi!

  20. I live Hisui Lilligant!

  21. Grew up with? Excuse me lol

  22. My only complaint is I already have two Ghost types 3 would just drive my typing OCD up the wall.

  23. Brought you back up to 0 upvote 🙂 they’re both good but i like the black better

  24. Hisuian Sneasel too tbh

  25. Nah. OG way cooler

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