1. This man has never crossed paths with a woman before

  2. explode inside you (deep)

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    Professional-You4177 March 29, 2022 at 9:46 am

    With the housing crisis across EU and US, birth rates are going to drop like hell

    I already see way less anti teenager pregnancy ads

  4. The “Hope this helps” adds a layer of sincerity that makes this even more concerning.

  5. This was a fun read

  6. I never understood the discourse between Neckbeards and Animal Crossing. Like what did Isabelle do to you?

  7. Im not, but thanks for asking. :’)

  8. (Deep)

  9. No, but some handle it worse than others

    Much worse.

  10. This guy has exploded inside nothing but mason jars

  11. If this guy hates people so much, why does he want more of them around?

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    DeathStarDayLaborer March 29, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Men are not ok. But that’s not whats going on here lol. That dude needs a brain MRI and a psyche appointment

  13. Wow, has it really been two years since that guy posted this? Feels like just yesterday. I just lose it at baby crossing, lmao.

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    ProfessionalGoose726 March 29, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Birthing years??? Is he a Victorian era Quaker Pastor? Am I about to get a lesson in eugenics, as he examines my blood for bad humors?

  15. # explode inside you _parentheses_ deep _close parentheses_

  16. No men are not okay. Men are stressed out and tired. It’s me, I’m men.

  17. I’ll never understand why these types talk so much trash on women but also want us to make babies. If you think someone is dumb, slutty, immature etc why would you want them to raise kids? It’s almost like they don’t see how much strength and intelligence go into being a good mother…..

    This post would be funny if it were lighthearted but it’s so bitter hhhhhhhhh

  18. Thanks for the life advice ‘MushroomStamp’

  19. I can confirm the moment I played animal crossing for the first time my ovaries disintegrated and I can no longer have children, I really wish I had a man explode (deep) inside of me and I could have baby crossing, only if I made better decisions

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    LivingGovernment9464 March 29, 2022 at 9:46 am

    Let the woman do whatever the hell she wants! She’s playing a video game! Animal Crossing is way more innocent than this guy’s crazy ass logic. This really makes me pissed off!

  21. hope this helped!

  22. This man knows nothing about animal crossing or women.

    Irs a shame, animal crossing is his one chance to know approximately what it’s like to have friends.

  23. “And that’s why I finally got my tubes tied.”

  24. As guy I have an answer…No, no we are not okay.

  25. This man got rejected bc his crush is busy simping for Raymond.

  26. Damn young women are doing other things besides fucking us but also don’t fuck too many of us of you’re a used up whore.

  27. We don’t claim this dipshit. He’s somebody else’s problem.

  28. Whys it gotta be a man thing?

  29. As a man in 2022 I’m never bringing a child into this world.

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