1. He looks really disappointed with humanity

  2. He has a picture of himself in the background. Metal.

  3. I didn’t know Stepan and his family were Ukranian. What an amazing thing for them to do! I hope they’re safe and well ❤

  4. I meet him very often on the Internet😍😍
    A very funny cat❤️

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    Vegetable-Goal-5047 March 29, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    Apology to a Ukrainian Cat

    My name is Valentyna. I’m from Ukraine. February 24, 2022 the outbreak of the Russian war against Ukraine woke me up in Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine was bombed from the Boryspil airport.

    I was scared, like all the townspeople. There was no time to think – my body instinctively controlled me. I did not notice how I found myself in the subway. The subway was still working, and it was also a shelter. We were together, I looked into your frightened eyes. There were no tears, they were just afraid. There was fear in my eyes as well. It was the fear that I would lose her if we went together.

    I quickly decide to find her trusted guardians. We returned home, I collect all the things she needs and take them to these people.

    Mr. Alexander was waiting for me with a smile in his eyes. He carefully takes her away from me and assures me that everything will be fine. I promise her to come back for her.

    The only thing that saves me from the despair of parting is the excuse that I would not be allowed take a place in a train with her. At that time I did not know what was waiting for me and for how long I would go.

    Forgive me, my Elvie, my dearest cat. I think about you all the time. I am happy to see you playing and sleeping sweetly in the house of my friends. I’m sorry I didn’t take you with me. I was very worried across the road.

    Now I am in western Ukraine, in a safer place. And I will follow you and we will be together again. Because only then I will forgive myself.


    This apology is from the podcast The Hardest Word. Listen to many more apologies from Ukraine and beyond. Note: apology 100% real.

    #catsofinstagram #rescuecat #ukraine

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    — in Ukraine.

  6. i love stepan so much. i was so sad when i saw him having to flee ukraine

  7. I love stephan so much <3

  8. What a good kitty.

  9. r/MostInterestingCats

  10. **”Shaken, not stirred”**

  11. I wonder who Stepan is named after.

  12. His face gives me so much serotonin

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    ZelenskyyStoleMoney March 29, 2022 at 12:27 pm

    Stepan Meowandera!

  14. How do you like your Martinis, Stepan?

    Shaken and not purred.

  15. normally I dont upvote cats, but this is a good cat.

  16. [removed]

  17. let’s drink to love!

  18. Huzzah! A man of quality!

  19. my mood 24/7

  20. He & his cat did a great job.

  21. Do they just call him Meowsuf?

  22. He looking like a mob boss!

  23. [removed]

  24. Slay king

  25. Stepan, the patriotic cat!

    Also, what a great cause.

  26. Not all heroes wear capes

  27. I didn’t know he was Ukrainian! I’ve been keeping a running Spotify playlist of songs from that tiktok profile for almost a year. I hope he and his owner are doing okay.

  28. Good work Stepan! Glad even while they are now safe Stepan and his family are looking out for those who can’t leave, including the furred, scaled, and feathered ones.

  29. 🎶i just called🎶to say🎶i love you🎶

  30. Dogs and cats can’t eat chocolate

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