1. It really took Roman 3 seasons to learn what Kendall learned in the pilot. Don’t fucking trust Logan to work in the best interest of anyone but Logan.

  2. I missed Roman gripping Ken’s hand, omg

  3. I get ptsd everytime I see screenshots from this ep

  4. Roman has had some rough season finales. First waiting half an hour for a gin and tonic, and now this.

  5. I was ~~generally~~ genuinely surprised by his reaction when Roman got tagged. I didn’t think he had much real affection for his siblings or balls to talk back to his dad like he did. He became a totally different character for me and I didn’t see him as just a heartless automaton after that. Now, anyone know where I can get a little straightener?

  6. That hand grip gets me every time.

  7. Shiv just standing there not knowing how to express her own emotions nor provide any support for the ones clearly being shown by her brothers.

  8. Yes it is

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    Indigo_Mockingbird March 30, 2022 at 4:09 am

    “I killed a guy”

    “Daddy doesn’t love me”

  10. What’s the scene on the right?

  11. This reminds me of the sloth from Zootopia

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