1. This is an actual wood finishing technique pioneered in Japan: [shou sugi ban](https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/shou-sugi-ban-black-waterproof-wood-furniture)

    Cedar is usually the wood of choice for this method, and judging by the video homeboy is doing just that. When done correctly, it is highly pest and water resistant, 2-3x longer than your usual waterproof sealant. So a great option for a cedar fence. Just don’t melt your shoes!

    Edit: per u/greenboxer the more correct term for this process is “yakisugi”

  2. This is kinda cool actually. And it seems like he knows what he’s doing so I wouldn’t worry about it

  3. Finish fence, remove weeds, and kill pests all at the same time? Sign me up!

  4. Must smell great

  5. This is an actual method.

  6. The shugi bahn! Yeah shit works great above grade, fuckAll if it’s contact w the ground

  7. Looking good

  8. Google how the Japanese would use this as part of the method for water proofing the wood they built their houses out of

  9. its a way to weather proof wood

  10. It’s a legitimate technique. You use it when you want to bring out the grain especially

  11. great idea, but I would keep a fire extinguisher at arm’s reach just in case…

  12. Dude’s been watching mr chickadee on youtube

  13. Is this on Trojan Ave in city heights? Looks like my old neighborhood

  14. That’s badass haha

  15. Does your neighbor have a plan for the flame thrower when done? Asking for a friend.

  16. It’s basically just heat treating wood

  17. Was watching that propane tank and waiting for the fireball the whole time.

  18. I’m slightly disappointed the video ended so uneventfully

  19. What could go wrong

  20. He will still need to seal it. And this is a good time to add a spritz of color at the same time.

  21. Rick dalton?

  22. I saw a dude doing this at the Kobey swap meet with a hand torch and selling his work, i thought it was the coolest idea.

  23. I like it

  24. Yes it actually preserves the wood longer too

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