1. Damn. I saw the magnitude alert on my QuakeFeed app and thought “hope everyone is ok and there wasn’t much damage”.

  2. Wow and I was complaining about our 4.5.

  3. “You’re still coming in today though, right? It’s really busy”

  4. Expensive to rebuild and overall impact to the economy

  5. “Well, gonna have to quit my job in the city one town over.”

  6. Yeah, that is definitely stable and absolutely cannot, no way, ever ever ever fall down while I’m walking on it.

  7. Damn that’s awful. Did it affect any of the chip fabs?

  8. So they *are* designed to break at that seam…

  9. Everytime i see damages from earthquakes i become even more happy about living on an island smack bang in the middle of a tectonic plate.

  10. I think the earthquake won.

  11. “Damn… how am I gonna get home now”

  12. For a second, I thought we were playing Fallout.

    Is it better to repair it or just build new?

  13. You got the bike. Do like PUBG and tide that out son!

  14. Hope there were no or very low casualties. Hope this doesn’t affect their economy too bad either.

  15. r/Pareidolia content there.

  16. The flip flop is distracting

  17. Virgin Bridge vs Chad Earthquake

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