1. I go for question mark because surprise give dopamine brain go whee

  2. You guys are waiting until act 2 to avoid hallway fights?

  3. All fun and games til you hit question mark and out pops avocado and his friend the rat

  4. I do it because I need the high risk/reward to try to win, because I am bad

  5. A hallway fight’s a hallway fight, but the question mark could be anything! It could even be a hallway fight! You know how much we’ve always wanted one of those! We’ll take the question mark!

  6. I want chest with relic.

  7. If you avoid hallway fights you won’t get stronger

  8. He just like me frfr

  9. I go for question mark in act 2 because I have a mod on that makes literally all hallway fights question mark

  10. Me, avoiding them because I don’t like Ritual Dagger or Apparitions:

    They’re great, but I got bored with them.

  11. Why not both?

  12. I go for question marks because I enjoy cheesing elites with [[Neow’s Lament]]

  13. I go to every question mark I can get, so I can get the fastest run times, yeah!

  14. You guys path?

  15. I avoid question marks. Fight like hell each floor.

    Be a man.

  16. Ritual Dagger isn’t very good outside of meme runs/perfect decks where you’re going to win anyway. I usually just take the gold nowadays

  17. I always go for question marks. No matter the situation. Me like funny random.

  18. I go for question marks because it’s more likely that they will let you get rid of extra cards.

  19. I’d rather have an elite fight than a hardpool hallway fight in act 2. Same risk of dying, better rewards. And you fill the rest with events to not get avocadoed.

  20. Question, who unrionically runs ritual dagger?

    I only went for it once on an infinite run.

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