1. Yeah I guess counting to 24 is a challenge for some

  2. I mean the clock is one thing, but the metric system?!

    I can’t possibly use a system with a base 10. It’s too complicated. I need to work out how many times a foot fits into the distance an ox can graze in a day and work backwards.

  3. I only ever use 24 hour, so much better, esp since a 12 hour system goes from 11:59am to 12:00pm which was always confusing

  4. Wait, there are countries which don’t use a 24-hour clock? I’m confused.

  5. Is it just me or is the first tweet an absolute pain to read, I can’t understand shit. No punctuation makes my brain go whacky.

  6. r/shitamericanssay

  7. If it’s over 12, just subtract 12. That’s all you have to do. 17:25 = 5:25pm. Easy.

  8. Cant do 24 hour time. Dont have 12 fingers to work it out.

  9. Dumbasses lmao

  10. I genuinely only ever use the 24hr setting

  11. If you don’t understand how a 24hour time works, you need to go back to preschool.

  12. Tell me you don’t know how to multiply by ten without telling me you don’t know how to multiply by ten

  13. This is a troll right? I’m American but we still use the 24 hour clock plenty. Also even if you’ve never used it, it’s still common sense as long as you’ve heard of “a day”

  14. “People actually use that who knew.”

    The entirety of Europe knew…

  15. One day is 24 hours. What’s even hard about that?

  16. They can’t count to 24?

  17. 24 hours in a day and 24 hours on a clock… pretty impossible concept…

  18. I mean it’s as easy as -2 from the second digit. if it’s 14:00 take 2 from the 4 and you have 12 so it’s 2….duh


  19. Anyone who says they don’t understand metric but can understand imperial, is just odd or scared of change, surely?

    Metric: simply base 10 measures

    Imperial: a drunk person rolling dice to define measures

  20. Seriously, im not sure if im stupid but i can use 24 hour clock but it takes me a few seconds to calculate the time… i know a few, like 21:00 is 9pm, but there are moments when i go blank so 12 is better for me… i could be stupid, or i could just be slow (as i can figure it out just takes like 10 seconds) just curious as to if others think im stupid or if its normal for somoene to struggle slightly with it? i wont get upset so im really curious

  21. Ohhh thats why i always blackout after 12, i wasnt using the 24 hour setting

  22. American non military, I use 24 because it makes sense

  23. I’m sorry how the fuck metric is hard to understand compared to a system a drunk fucking guy made. It’s extremely easy to understand. I don’t know why U.S still insists on using that ancient system.

    Edit: This guy basically says he is dumber than the rest of the world lmao.

  24. I started using 24hr time when I worked night shift, and it’s just stuck. Its very helpful

  25. A 24 hour clock is much better than 12 hour one

  26. 24hr clock master race!!

  27. I’m in the UK and we make it up as we go along regarding the metric/imperial systems but you gotta admit the metric systems do make more sense 😂

  28. I’d love to ask someone who is so convinced of Imperial systems superiority this question one day:
    How many inches are in 3 and 3/4 mile? How many fl. oz. In 2,7 gallons and how many oz. in 5,35 tons?

    And then I’d watch them squirm in agony 😂

  29. Why would you admit to being so stupid??

  30. I prefer 24 hour. There’s none of this having a quick nap waking up groggy at 1:00 and wondering shit is it pm or am.

  31. Most American thing I’ve heard all week.

  32. Last year i literally taught second graders how to read 12 and 24 hour clocks at the same time and they got it within a week.

  33. Both is pretty fucking simple to understand. I often forget wich one is am and pm though. But I know if it’s day or night outside so it’s all good.

  34. I go by 24 hour settings it is so much easier

  35. Okay… Did you also fail your IQ test? Not to be mean, but I’m just curious how you cannot understand it at all. The metric system is SO simple, everything is basically a multiple of 10, the most basic shit ever. And the 24-hour thing is the exact same principle as the 12-hour thing, just we don’t use the am and pm. Instead we continue after 12, so 13 becomes 1 o’clock.

    People man…

  36. There is one video from Buzzfeed where some women from Buzzfeed uses a new alarm clock. She couldnt figure out how to put in the wake up time, because it was in military time – which is 24h

    She woke up in the morning. She did not figure out how to write 07:00

  37. I started using it just have something different to learn. Now I’m so used to it. Even tho i read the 24hr clock in my phone, I’ll still see it as a 12hr clock.

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    ProfessionRelevant90 March 29, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    I have the opposite problem, I cant ever remember the difference between AM and PM..

    24 hour clock best clock.

  39. Subtract by two, use the second number.

    16:00 – 2:00 = 14:00 -> 1/4:00 -> 4:00pm


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    Disinfectant-Addict March 29, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    If Napoleon had his way we would have had 10 hour days as well…

  41. I’m an RN and in the hospital setting we use military time aka 24h clock. I suppose because it’s much more specific and prevents errors but because I use it so often I’ve converted my phone to 24h. After a while you get used to it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  42. IQ -18

  43. Because I don’t use it I find the AM/PM more confusing just say 7 in the morning instead of 7 PM then.

  44. She says she isn’t American, you can’t blame this one on us! Well, the first comment at least. The second one has to be American 🤦‍♀️

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