1. It’s amazing how much of this land is [manmade fill](https://i.imgur.com/FQkreHG.jpg)

  2. So Bethesda did a pretty damn good job with their Boston map in FO4.

  3. Can you do one of these for Chicago?

  4. Source: USGS 3DEP Lidar data captured in 2013 (https://apps.nationalmap.gov/)

    Tools: Blender, QGIS, Global Mapper, Photoshop

    Description: I converted a lidar point cloud of roughly 3 billion points into a surface model and cast light on it to create a highly detailed image that looks 3d. Some other examples are on my IG @visualgeomatics

  5. I think you mean The Commonwealth circa 2287

  6. That airport is probably great for calibration across a very wide area. The absolute altitude and levelness are probably within very narrow constraints.

  7. I can feel the high real estate prices from the shading

  8. I’ve been trying to use the USGS LIDAR maps to research likely spots for metal detecting (find old foundations etc.), but I’m having a really hard time with that on my mac. There don’t seem to be good viewer options available. Importing into Google Earth wrks, but it reduces the resolution so much, the result is useless to me. Any hints?

  9. Very cool, Thanks for doing this. I was able to pick out my grandparents house in South Boston and visit all the places I haven’t been in years. Looking for the other gp’s house now, this will be a good time waster.

  10. Holy shit I was able to zoom into my crib by the airport.

  11. Lol do you have a wider view so my house in Brighton is in view? Might get something like this framed

  12. I can literally see every house (5) Ive ever rented over 10 years on this map except the time I moved to Saugus.

  13. That’s amazing that it can pick up the crowning of the runways/taxiways at Logan

  14. Bro can’t believe they made Boston into a real place after Fo4

    Smh and no credit to Bethesda

  15. This is amazing! Any plans for Montreal?

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    error_404_n0t_f0und March 29, 2022 at 10:08 am

    I love these kinds of maps

  17. Yo this rules, I can see everywhere I’ve ever lived on this!

  18. I see the exact point where I proposed to my wife. Sadly our place at the time is just a little bit out of frame here.

  19. Wow this looks a lot like the Fallout 4 map

  20. I lived there for a few years in the ‘90s. Driving around that city is the very definition of frustration. Traffic and a road system that makes little sense are the chief reasons. This relief map is giving me unpleasant flashbacks from 30 years ago.

  21. Spent way too long looking for my house before I realized it’s just out of frame

  22. Newmarket is such a massive waste of space and causes sooo much traffic. Sigh.

  23. hot damn nsfw, this shit is hot

  24. That’s very detailed. I found my last 2 apartments and current one, my college, Fenway park 🙂

  25. So who else took 10 minutes to find their building…?

  26. Damn this is cool looking

  27. Weird nit-pick. The shadows are wrong. The Sun here is coming from the north. Like the sun is above the equator.

  28. How did you convert the point cloud to mesh?

  29. It’s really quite fascinating to look back in time and see the original coastline. There’s been such a significant fill in the Boston area. The entire airport “island” bas been ocean filled land

  30. Or is this a scanning electron microscope picture of microscopic Boston?

  31. don’t let the architecture firms see this

  32. This would be a cool 3D print

  33. It’s amazing, everything from above looks great

  34. Tried to spot Fenway. Had to look it up on maps because it’s shaped like an idiot built it.

  35. Keep em coming.

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