1. People fight over like a solid quarter of pokemon’s names and how to say them

  2. Adaman and Irida give massive bickering like an old married couple vibe

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    Allmights-lovechild March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    Arceus Clan

  4. My friend started calling it Ar-koos out of spite and it evolved into us calling it Caboose.

  5. The Japanese name is アルセウス (a-ru-se-u-su), shorten the Us off the R and S to make it sound more English and you get something more like Ar-SAY-us. They might have changed the pronunciation for the English language media because in English that sounds a bit like a slightly rude word and people would whinge if they thought kids were learning rude words from Pokémon.

  6. me, incoming with Archeeyus just to piss off those that make a fuss about it. my favorite type of people to piss off.

  7. Where’s arkoos clan?

  8. Arse-E-us

  9. I used to pronounce it Ark-e-us as a kid
    Then a YouTube video told me I was wrong.
    So I started saying Ar-see-us
    And now I’m being told it’s wrong again, but I’ve already adapted and can’t stop.

  10. Ar-KAY-us?

  11. Ar-K-es I model my pronunciation after the ability name of Silvally’s ability. RKS system.

  12. Ar-see-us. Rolls off the tongue a lot smoother.

  13. It’s like Fallout: New Vegas and the way some NPC’s pronounce “Ceasar” all over again.

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    Illustrious_Smile445 March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    When I first play platinum I thought it was arceus, now that I’m older I know it’s actually arceus.

  15. imagine watermarking a template meme lmfao

  16. r/MandJTV fans be like:

    **There is another.**

  17. The japanese (roughly) goes with ‘ar-see-us’, and that is how it would be pronounced using the usual rules of english.

    the hard K version is a retcon imposed on us by the british because of their word ‘arse’. Considering how the british are also the reason we lost the game corner, I do not acknowledge their propaganda and will continue to use the true name no matter how much tpci tries to prime people to use the K version.

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    Longjumping-Bag4265 March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm


  19. HOO BOY, wait ’till this comment section hears about the name of Silvally’s ability!

  20. I roll the R since it’s spelled similar to my name.

  21. Ar-che-us

  22. The English reveal trailer pronounced it with the KEY, Japanese trailer said it with the SEE. To me both are valid as one is just a Japanese pronunciation.

  23. Nintendo needs to release an official Pokemon name pronunciation guide.

  24. Okay i’ve been calling it Ar-kay-us and my reasoning was that the lore is, it’s very old and the game is set a long time ago, so I was thinking it was pronounced that way because it was “archaic” hence Ar-kay-us

  25. RKS system and not RCS system, I really thought that would have cleared this up

  26. cynthia clan be like :Arkoos

  27. I like to pronounce Arceus’s name as Ar-key-us because it brings to mind the words arc, arch, etc., which relate to having a highest point – fitting for a god Pokemon. I also think it flows better.

    And there’s Silvally’s RKS System, which I think sounds cooler as RKS than it would RCS.

  28. Well it’s not called the fockin arse phone now is it??

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    Action-a-go-go-baby March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm


  30. I go by how they pronounce it in the anime cause that’s like the only time in the series that Pokémon names are actually spoken. Therefore, it’s ar-key-us for me.

  31. Literally the only reason it’s not Ar-see-us is because they’re cowards didn’t want kids saying something with “arse”. I will always say it that way.

  32. I personally prefer Arse-eus, but I can see people saying Ark-aeus, and don’t hold it over them.

  33. Ar-Kay-Us

  34. Ar-key-us 🙂

  35. ARK eee us. It has literally been pronounced this way in all of the Pokémon directs.

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    hungeringforthename March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    It’s Ar-kay-us. The portmanteau is archaic + deus

  37. who pronounces it ar-key-us??

  38. There’s a third, I heard someone say Ar-Say-Us

  39. I flip flop to whatever I feel like saying

  40. I originally was pronouncing it Ar-key-us because that’s how my text to speech software said it, but husband says it Ar-see-us, given that he can pick up language extremely quickly, he’s probably right…

    So now I use Ar-key-us just to annoy him.


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    pokemonleaguechamp March 29, 2022 at 2:15 pm

    you forgot the ar-koos clan

  43. If you’re able to read アルセウス then you will never say “Ar-Key-us”.

  44. Honestly I pronounce it Ar-see-us, but maybe it should be ar-key-us because of the Arc phone. Otherwise it would be the Arse-phone

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