1. alot of good takes in the comments, but from my perspective, its a pretty decent nod at the linux community, people outside our little circle jerk wont know what it means.

    love it or hate it, and love or cringe Linus, but give credit where credit is due, its a huge mainstream youtube channel, that could very easily just ignore us, like many of the other big channels. but the fact that they keep bringing up Linux stuff, is only good for the community.

    I find it humorous.

  2. What’s with all this LTT hate in the comments? Are people still salty about the Linux challenge or something? lol

  3. Ok gnu Linux

  4. .. And now a word from our sponsor..

  5. As soon as LTT says something, it kills the meme. I recall he killed “arch btw” a month or so back by using it three times in one paragraph while not having a clue what it means.

  6. I watch Anthony BTW

  7. LTT should leave Linux alone, they demonstrated enough times that they got no clue what they are doing (except Anthony), and they demonstrated enough times that they are too lazy to look up the things they are doing.

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    PirandelloKruger723 March 29, 2022 at 7:20 pm


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