1. The type of message to be posted on google review for the dealership… then an amazing deal in your favour for it to be removed.

  2. Lol is this real?

  3. Dealerships are so predatory like this. It’s kind of inherent in the business model too, unless you’re just not a shitty person lol

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    SloppySteaksNStanzos March 29, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Classic Rob.

  5. I feel like that’s obvious enough that you wouldn’t need to spell it out to your boss.

  6. Pick up and offer him a stupid low price for the car, seems like you have the leverage here.

  7. Tell them you want the new car for invoice minus holdback and any trunk money they have on it.

  8. Lame, Rob from Paragon in Queens. You are a dumb douchebag who doesn’t check contacts when they text.

  9. So nice of people to censor names and contact information lol..

  10. This is hilarious

  11. All sales people are scum. If they studied hard in school they would have proud careers.

  12. Car salesmen are scumbags. Water is wet.

  13. So. You’re saying that the dealer just told someone over text what he did without a screenshot? Was the guy he was supposed to text instantly know what he said and what OP replied?

    That’s very impressive.

  14. His manager is gonna be pissed lol

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    Problemwithpopplers March 29, 2022 at 6:58 pm


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