1. TIL There are no lactose intolerant people in Florida.

  2. Ah yes, the long discussion of “we want to make sure you are happy” and “verifying that I understand what you mean”…

  3. I have nipples, Greg. Can you milk me?

  4. Buck Sexton? Who’s making up the character names in this game?

  5. Imagine being triggered by oatmilk.

  6. Wait I thought capitalism was supposed to breed innovation and give me choices?

  7. > We’re civilized down here.

    Says Florida man

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    Financial-Paint1909 March 29, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    in Florida, we don’t cut dairy if we’re lactose intolerant, we just have fart and have explosive shits 5 times a day.

  9. I love this anti-alternative-milk rhetoric that conservatives randomly decided to campaign for. Like… me not wanting to shit myself has nothing to do with my politics but go off I guess

  10. I’m picturing Immortan Joe and his wives in the back providing milk for all those in Northern Florida. Fuck this choad (not chad).

  11. As a Floridian I can tell you north Florida is a scary place. When you hear about “Florida Man” they’re either from Pasco County or Somewhere in north Florida.

  12. You can’t be a conservative if you’re lactose intolerant? They’re intolerant of everything else.

  13. I live in the south and once had a super nosy (and decisively right-wing) coworker who could not shut up about me eating cereal dry. He went on to suggest almond milk and other kinds of milk.

    But they’re just a lib thing I guess

  14. Ah yes, because everyone can ingest milk and no-one has any allergies.

    Admittedly it’s largely on me to specify and inform people of dietary needs, but come on.

  15. As if drinking what comes out of a cow is less crazy than what comes out of an almond.

  16. If I asked for milk and the barista slowly listed all of the different milk and milk alternative products they had on offer as he’s done here I’d find it mildly frustrating but that has never happened to me or anyone in the history of putting milk in coffee, but that’s how these fucking people operate – they can even turn a vapid comment about nut milk into a straw man culture war argument.

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    dewey-defeats-truman March 29, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    Yes, Buck, the same thing happens in New York, too, because we understand that when people say milk they mean dairy milk, and that people who want alternate milks will specify which one they want.

  18. What the hell is he on about

  19. Imagine preferring cows milk

  20. “unlike YOU snowflakes i’m not easily triggered! …… WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE IS MORE THAN *ONE* MILK?!“

  21. Yeah I’ve been a barista and this never happens. The standard is cows milk, if people want alternative milk they request that. Also as a lactose intolerant person, fuck this dude.

  22. Yo name is Buck Sexton lmfaoo. I dont think ill be taking any advice from this asshole anytime soon

  23. Doesn’t take much to trigger these people.

  24. Ahhhh yes the snowflake party. Offended by other people choosing not to drink cow’s milk. You know a politician is shitty when part of their platform has nothing to do with politics at all

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    KubrickMoonlanding March 29, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    In nowhere at all, when you ask for milk is there a long discussion of do you mean goat milk, yak, cashew, foamed, condensed, cream, 1/2 & 1/2, skim, 2%, whole, dog, formula… unless you ask for it.

  26. Have fun with your cows milk brewed for baby cows, you cow person of Twitter.

  27. I feel strongly about MILK!!

  28. I swear, Fox News always thinks all of Florida’s citizens are Republican.

    Yes we might be under Conservative governing (as we have been for almost 25 Years), but we all don’t treat DeSantis like he’s the Second Coming or some dumb spit like that.

  29. Oat milk is legit better than cow milk though.

  30. Now there’s milk outrage? Milk is gross.

  31. Buck Sexton!?

  32. “It’s civilized down here” isn’t something anyone has ever said about Florida with a straight face.

  33. >it’s civilized down here

    ..yet he puts milk in his coffee instead of cream.

  34. Dude if you think vegan stuff is weird just say you think vegan stuff is weird. There’s nothing creepier than tying up your masculinity in it.

  35. Unequivocally untrue characterization of NoFlo. At the local coffee shops, they always ask what milk if you don’t specify. So what I’m getting from good ol’ Buck here is that he doesn’t actually go to coffee shops and just wants to complain about *checks notes* milk

  36. I tried some banana almond breeze on a whim recently and I regret not trying it sooner, not chalky whatsoever

  37. The down side is, you’re in northern Florida

  38. Something tells me ol’Buck here gets more than milk in his coffee.

  39. No goat milk?

  40. Where the fuck is this guy’s head if he thinks any place in the US is gonna ask you to specify what you mean by milk? God forbid places have the *option* of soy/nut milk

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