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2022-03-30 03:04:44

+613 – THEY FINALLY LISTENED! Skill descriptions are (hopefully) no longer going to be lengthened by unneeded descriptions of things like canto, bonus, and penalty

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  1. Now we can only hope that they retroactively apply this, which for some reason they’ve been super hesitant to do

  2. Guess S!Delthea will forever be the sole member of the “2-page skill description” club.

  3. But will they go back and fix the other paragraphs they got that’s my question

  4. But what does Canto Rem. +1 do?

  5. Does this mean Delthea will be the only hero to ever get 2 weapon / skill description screens?

  6. This is the most exciting thing to happen this month IMO. Delthea may have been what pushed them to do this.

  7. As someone who can struggle to retain all of the terms and shit in FEH, I hope we can enable/disable it or click on the words to see a more full explanation. Shortening was the smart move, but I really hope I don’t get more lost now !

  8. RIP meme (and 2 pages of skills)

    But it’s much easier on the eyes, so that’s a win

  9. I missed that she had canto at first because it didn’t have a wall of text.

  10. Didn’t even realize this good catch!

  11. more like just for Trailers

  12. Lol time to wait for the day kits require 2 pages to explain even with abbreviations

  13. Thank god for that. Most of the people who play this game already know what they do anyway.

    And it’s far simpler to just do something like add a page in the tutorials somewhere to have players refer to if they need it.

  14. Thank goodness i haven’t inherited my surge sparrow or merge it. She’ll be a great one!

  15. I love that this thread is much more upvoted than the actual banner trailer. Poor Nanna got overshadowed by a QoL change.

  16. Do they add full descriptions for skills? I thought the problem was in the PRFs

  17. It only took them 5 years

  18. Reply
    TheLegendTheGiantdad March 30, 2022 at 6:39 am

    Inb4 they reupload the trailer with the full description.

  19. Good. Should have done so ever since they made the keywords. Better late than never I guess… Now I hope they add a glossory of some sort and move all the descriptions of the keywords there.

  20. Oh yeah I guess they did. Didn’t really notice

  21. I honestly paused the video because I’ve gotten so used to the absurdly long descriptions.

    Now I only hope that they will update the game to include a glossary and shortened descriptions

  22. They started doing that from thracia’s new heroes banner. See, August’s recovery skill.

  23. I feel like it’d be easy to add a little glossary for things like this so players can look up what they mean for convinience and not have their screens covered. Or throw it under Sharena’s lessons.

  24. There should be an option in the settings menu to show/hide additional tooltips.

    In this case “Canto”, older players who know what Canto does should have an option to hide those. I can see this being a tedious task to do but it’s nintendo, they should be able to make it happen.

  25. why is this skill a pseudo Blade of Jehanna tho

  26. Lmao I didn’t even notice

  27. I guess B!Alm would retire to barracks now.

    Only thing he have is his Dragon Effectiveness + foe can’t counterattack.

    While L!Nana have Canto and Self-Heal + Desperation to equalize that.

    But L!Nana can use Surge Sparrow/a skill B!Alm will never have, and also up to 4 movement speed with L!Sigurd. But B!Alm is self-buff.

    — AND would still receive a refine someday (by which a new era of META threats).

    Edit: Spellings.

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