1. She is like a toddler, with no reading comprehension, going through a bill and counting how many words she knows.

  2. This is not the burn she thinks it is.

    I am so embarrassed that she is my representative. She definitely doesn’t represent me.

  3. This woman makes us dumber as the human species

  4. The Democrat budget also increases military spending to 800 billion.

    Funny how that “small” detail is left out.

  5. Most firearm related accidents happen in the home. There is still hope

  6. Ignores that Biden requested the largest military budget in US history….

  7. Yeah. The democrats priorities are in place. You f’n Qunt

  8. What is wrong with equity? You’re a heartless moron Lauren

  9. I’m not seeing a problem. Dems value the military less than addressing climate change. And that’s a problem why?

  10. Surprised she managed to count 4 separate things, one of them as high as 187!

  11. Next democratic bill will start with 14 paragraphs with the word “military” repeated at least 30 times per paragraph.

    Example: “The military military military military military military military budget should be higher for the military military military military military military military who serve in our military military military military military military military. Military.”

  12. wow democrats really support “the”

  13. Why is it so hard to understand that taking away money from a program that likes to turn little palestinian kids into skeletons for political gain IS NOT A BAD THING?

  14. I’m not a hundred percent sure but if the world dies it doesn’t matter how many tanks and planes you have, you can’t shoot away pollution, this woman is a cancer to the government and society can we plz make her go away

  15. Why do they keep allowing her mic time in meetings?

  16. Yeah. The military budget should not have increased AGAIN. It’s very close to a trillion dollars.

    That’s not help the people.

  17. Appears the stupid bitch didn’t understand any word that didn’t trigger her.

  18. I’m surprised she can count that high, tbh.

  19. I love it when Retrumplicunts try owning us Libs and miss by a country mile!

  20. Those numbers seems appropriate. Must be a good budget.

  21. So she literally just hits Ctrl+F and searches for buzz words…….

  22. She was dropped on her head many more times than previously estimated

  23. She can read?

  24. Reply
    PierreVonSnooglehoff March 30, 2022 at 12:56 am

    priorities that align with my moderate values?

  25. What a fkn twat

  26. That’s not how words fucking work, you doorknob!

  27. The military has it’s own budget, it gets plenty of attention. Plus it’s fairly self sustaining and not really in jeopardy- unlike climate which is… still in need of a little focus.

    Let us remember than Lauren Boebert never finished high school. Not qualified to work at Enterprise Rent-a-car but IS qualified to be a lawmaker.

  28. The number of times the word appears is a completely irrelevant statistic. What matters is the sum total of money.

    I don’t know what’s in the budget but this isn’t even the right way to prove the point she wants to. Example:

    Climate thing x: $100 billion

    Climate thing y: $100 billion

    Climate thing z: $400 billion

    Military thing a: $100 billion

    Military thing b: $700 billion

    Military would still be considered the priority of the budget even though it appears fewer times. This is elementary school math.

  29. Now we’re basing policy decisions and votes on the ctrl+f function of Acrobat Reader?

  30. Sooooo, Democrats value self-defense, advancement for women and girls, social equality and social justice and combating the climate crisis.

    Am I missing something here ?

  31. Wonder who counted those for her, because we all know she isn’t getting past 20 (assuming she has open toe shoes, obvi)

  32. What is the point of US military, if despite obvious military superiority, everyone is anyway afraid of an old rat sitting in Kremlin with a nuclear button?

  33. Yup, she is an idiot, she didn’t graduate high-school and her husband is a pedo.

  34. It’s almost like prolonging the existence of the human species and making the place we live more enjoyable should be more important than sending people off to die for a piece of land corrupted by the greediest sons of bitches on the planet

  35. Hold up… can we just take a minute to appreciate that she can actually count to 187? I truly think that someone helped her with it.

  36. Isn’t our military doing fairly well? I mean, in comparison to the climate change on the planet. I think one of these two subjects can be tabled for a minute while we try to fix Earth.

    Unless they mean to reconstruct the joke that is the VA, because we don’t do a great job of taking care of our veterans.

    As someone said the other day, the VA is great at giving somebody a second chance to die for their country.

  37. Reply
    WastelandWanderer75 March 30, 2022 at 12:56 am

    Why must people keep reminding me she exists

  38. Excellent observation Lauren. Now that we’ve seen that the Russian military machine isn’t the terrifying boogeyman we’ve all been lead to believe it is, maybe it’s time to shift our budget priorities toward confronting the real problems our society is facing.

  39. If she were to cease to exist, the collective IQ of the world would actually increase.

  40. I guess they do . I’m not a dem and these are also my priority.

  41. ….Did she have a point?

  42. I blame John McCain for this. If Sarah Palin hadn’t been picked as his running mate, a lot of this lunacy wouldn’t have happened. Then again, maybe I’m way off the mark.

  43. I doubt she has enough fingers and toes to count accurately.

  44. Damn straight that’s what we value. I find it disgusting that they dont

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