1. Neuron activation.

    Currently, I have all the tall ladies so Yelan is a must. Fingers closed she will be good.

  2. They do have a very similar aesthetic, which is *precisely* why I’m pulling for her.

  3. I prefer Eulan. Works in speech too, not just in writing.

    Anyway, looks good.

  4. Now let’s get yelan into Eula’s clothes. Let’s get all the ladies into Eula’s gear while we’re at it

  5. I didn’t think Yelan could get more attractive.

    I was wrong.

  6. Reply
    Reddy_McRedditface March 30, 2022 at 3:22 am

    Found on Twitter, but apparently not the creator:


    If someone knows the OC, please share.


  8. I think I just fell in love

  9. I think I just fell in love

  10. 🥴🥴

  11. Okay now im convinced to pull her for *reasons*

  12. She’s looking at me with those eyes. Maybe i’ll pull hmm

  13. Wow, Eula rocks that outfit ngl. What a queen. <3

  14. Wait I actually read her yeula for some reason

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