1. I was expecting that when the screen went black we’d all be waking up to being on a carriage headed to Helgen

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    Frederyk_Strife4217 March 29, 2022 at 8:08 am

    you certainly left your mouse there

  3. I guess I’m the only one that just loves Odesza?!


  5. Every time my buddies and I would start up FH4 or 5, I would say, “Take me away, ah ah wooooo.” They never understood what I meant

    FH3 was my first FH, they never played it. Just something great about 3’s atmosphere. Thanks for the memory

  6. FH3 is best, if FH3 had FH5 graphics and all that good stuff it would be god tier. I just feel FH4 and 5 are missing certain characteristics that made 3 so good, like FH3 had an actual city and stuff like that. FH3 was a vibe

  7. Ehh fits better with fh3

  8. FH2 had best intro change my minf

  9. was expecting to have my eardrums destroyed was presently surprised

  10. FH2 had such magic of drifiting in that city route, don’t having a honk button and only communicating with revs and crashing on stuff, going to the nearest car meet to change cars. And then came FH3, with even more great stuff, only building up on FH2 in all aspects, bringing new types of races, the festival building mechanic and those easily obtainable 400km/h – 248mph in various cars with different builds, a shit ton of sleepers.

    FH4 came with a nice climate change gimmick but way too many traffic, tight city, too much closed areas (like that lake that you must go for the bridge otherwise you’ll respawn) no more nice sleepers, if you wanna go fast, gotta go super/hypercar. No straight big main road. The missions where cool.

    FH5 is trying waaay to hard to feel both like a horizon game and a mexican game. The music festival is GONE, the map is too much big, doesn’t have a big city, dirt and sand EVERYWHERE, the mechanical customization of the cars is nice, I love my rally lifted MK5 supra but if feels….empty. Not only in the multiplayer sense but meanignless. FH1 is fucking awesome with its progression and all the good things about horizon. FH2 builded up on that legacy, just like FH3 on FH1 and FH2. FH4 was kinda rushed but ok we dig it. But FH5 is straight up offensive. I couldn’t care for a single soul in this crap.

    We want a music festival with cars again. We want to feel as we felt Watchung the first 3 games trailers on E3. We want our horizon back.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

  11. Even though I like the 1st game the most, 3 is 2nd by a sand. This is just one of the many reasons for that

  12. Forza Horizon 3 was peak Forza imo. Forza Horizon 4 was also decent but it only went downhill from there. Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t feel like a Forza game at least for me.

  13. FH5 has the best soundtrack of the series.

    ChAnGe My MiNd


  14. We need a FH2 music version

  15. I really hope this goes on a good sale with dlc sooner than later (I know, I know, gamepass, but I refuse to pay per month when I’ll play the game for a few years and only juggle between a small handful of games)

  16. Imagine if all games had these kind of graphics

  17. Rush of 2016 nostalgia

  18. 1000% Better… lol

  19. FH3 is amazing and I’m so happy it was set in my country, I hope they bring it back to game pass

  20. Na the current one fits perfectly with the vibe of Mexico

  21. u/savevideobot

  22. Noooooooooo

  23. Yup. This is the only theme song

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    blackjack-official March 29, 2022 at 8:08 am

    FH3 all the way Baby!!!

  25. Was not expecting that but I am pleased.

  26. I just wish FH3 didn’t release at such a weird time for Xbox. FH4 got too much support in comparison. Imagine the FH3 map, with more breakable objects and other QOL, and the FH5 graphics and car list.

  27. Can i say this ?

    All FH theme songs are good !

    FH3 is really good but it doesn’t really work with FH5 tbh

  28. imo the original is better. it represents the Mexico vibe better and also IMO is a better vibe. imo. i didn’t play other forza games just this one. plz don’t delete my karma

  29. Was expecting a Rick roll or Skyrim.

  30. Why did this make me feel sad nostalgia. Like homesickness

  31. Loading time on this game is garbage

  32. FH2 music would be waaaay better (in my own opinion)

  33. I remember playing FH3 day one, and just sitting in awe as I listened to this track on the home menu. Love that game to this day.

    2016 was a fantastic time to be a Forza fan.

  34. The mouse pointer?

  35. Every soundtrack is awful the best one is 5 for lil nas x nut thats it

  36. as much as FH3 really has a special place rent free in my heart, i couldn’t care less about the “press start” song of it lol

    not that it is bad, just nothing special for me

  37. What the fuck did you just do. Ruined the FH5 main menu, thats what you did

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