1. Hmmmm “elfReich” talking about the country “their ancestors” built “only for them”… no red flags here folks!

  2. Huh wonder what the US constitution says about religion? if only we could check

  3. I swear it’s actually got to be quite exhausting to be this outraged for no reason.

    It’s not oppression or lack of freedom in the real world day to day every day… So you’ve got to actually *seek it out* and even then they’re lucky to find something tangential at best.

    What a bizarre hobby.

  4. Built on the backs of slaves?

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    manic-pixie-attorney March 29, 2022 at 5:12 pm

    Once again, they want freedom to be an asshole without consequences. Sorry, asshole is not a protected class.

  6. Mission accomplished. 🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸

  7. Ummmm you have literally all of them still? The victim mentality is astounding. She Might wanna check a country where people are actually oppressed for comparison purposes.

  8. Which Reich was the Elf Reich?

  9. As this person posts their opinion on the internet, likely expresses their opinions in everyday life, and is not in jail for it. There is one freedom.

    Perhaps this person could list the supposed freedoms they have lost?

    I’ll wait.

  10. Did I mention I’m white & everyone that was born a white Christian is special?

    Now that the playing field is being leveled these angry racists can’t hide their hate & frustration. Hence Q-fantasyland belief systems are born.

  11. The people that founded this country were getting away from that shit.

  12. I once bought a book about local history only to discover that the author was a raging eugenicist. He would be describing some innocuous event and then suddenly talk about inferior races. He was particularly vehement about Asians.

    Anyway, his theory was that what made America great was that it was primarily settled by younger sons of Northern European (read “white, Protestant”) nobility. The older sons stayed behind to become the next Earl or Count or Prince, but the younger sons, equally superior when it came to birth and education, came to the US, which is why the US is the best country ever in the whole world.

  13. “built only for them”

    *[Citation needed]*

  14. umm…all of the freedoms?

  15. Well, they know where the door is.

  16. Many important things wouldn’t exist in America without Chinese immigrants building the freight network. That’s one of probably several examples of contribution of non-white people.

  17. To those accustomed to privilege, equality seems like oppression.

  18. Hey, Reich-twat, remember that bomb thingy that was developed back in the 40s? Might want to look into the religions and ethnicities of those who contributed to it. Frisch, Feynman, Einstein, Fermi might not be the Christians you believe them to be.

  19. Daily reminder that conservatives think that being moderately inconvenienced and told not to be a dick is the height of repression.

  20. The answer to “what can’t you do?” is inevitably discriminating against people they don’t like. That’s what it comes down to. And that’s why they’ve yet to answer this question.

  21. The desperation is so palpable.

  22. You mean enslaved black people built with no choice in the matter?

  23. Downvote me, but this feels more like a deep trolling job than a Q true believer. A+ if so. A man can hope.

  24. Im just imagining a fat, bloated Russian typing madly away at his desk trying to come up with the next crazy shit to whine about.

  25. Ancestors built only for them? I think the indigenous people would like a word.

  26. Yes, this is the pinnacle timeline of freedom loss. Not when black people weren’t allowed in the same hotels/venues/transportation for decades/centuries, or when women couldn’t vote, or when interracial marriage was illegal in the 60’s… smh.

  27. “what freedoms do they have left” – Um… being unvaccinated?

  28. Built on stolen land by the labor of slaves. Yep.

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