+588 NC State Hits Clutch Three Against UConn…

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2022-03-29 01:29:14

+588 – NC State Hits Clutch Three Against UConn to Send the Game to Double OT

NC State Hits Clutch Three Against UConn to Send the Game to Double OT from CollegeBasketball

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  1. Damn proud of the ladies. Made us all proud.

    I would complain about the location but if it wasn’t that it would be something else, NC State shit always finds a way.

  2. Honestly a Top Five game of *either* tournament!

    Big shame that the Pack got shafted *hard* by the location…

  3. Fuck the NCAA giving Uconn the 2 seed in this region. They quite literally admitted taking “fan experience” into account for seeding.

  4. CWS, Holiday Bowl, and now giving the 2nd seed home court advantage. The NCAA hates State. Also Paige looked like Kobe in OT.

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    International-Dig577 March 29, 2022 at 9:52 am

    Great Game but man the no calls burned NC state

  6. Pack wins that on a neutral. Yeah I’m salty

  7. Not only do we have to deal with this but our two most hated rivals play each other for a shot at a national title and we’ll never hear the end of it from whichever one wins. This sucks. Go pack.

  8. Nothing like giving the lower seed a home game.

  9. Is no one gonna mention how sick that pass was? Looks like a set play, but she lobbed that over the defense right into the pocket of the shooter.

  10. Fuck the NCAA for putting UConn in this region

  11. It was a pretty good game. Sucks that the one girl fell and broke her wrist like that.

  12. Really good basketball game.

  13. Fantastic basketball game.

  14. I really think it violates the sanctity of the game to have an Elite 8 match up on UCON’s home court. I’m seriously bothered by it.

  15. NCAA fucked us putting UConn in this region and then the last like 3 minutes of OT was just horseshit by the refs. It’s a miracle we made it to a 2nd OT.

  16. Gg refs

  17. Would have never went to OT if they didn’t put the regional in the SECOND SEEDS home court. Smh.

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    zerovanillacodered March 29, 2022 at 9:52 am

    This was an amazing game. Next year, let’s have more women’s game highlights

  19. Thats why you foul. You always foul up 3. UCONN had plenty of opportunities there. Bad

  20. Paige is a beast!!! Lady Huskies got blessed playing in the big city of dreams, Bridgeport

  21. Lol wish people said stuff after our game 😭 as much as we shit the bed we also played against the refs on the road so didn’t exactly help our momentum

  22. Yoo that game was insane.

  23. Such a good game! NC State’s sweet 16 game against ND was intense, too. Very proud of this team!

  24. Great game but it shouldnt have even gone to ot.

    Both teams had times to win it in regulation but both choked it at the end lol.

    Horrible possession by nc st before they went to ot. A 3 when youre tied? Lol

  25. Just Wolfpack things

  26. https://youtu.be/wHjwT1cv3o4 Michael Beasley – Man of Courage (story of Stigmas)

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