1. 4 years with that many trees and no mushroom spawns!? Dang that’s unlucky.

  2. “Over there, those are the wild woods. We don’t go there.”

  3. Also forgot to mention, for being my first save file, im trying to take it slow to experience everything i can.

  4. Ah yes, the tree uprising will soon overtake the normal land

  5. year 4 without the greenhouse makes me assume you haven’t been to calico or ginger yet, no sheds makes me assume you don’t have any kind of keg/preserves going and you have very few crops.

    I’m almost jealous of the things you still get to experience for the first time but I’m left wondering where the years went

  6. in the nicest way possible, what have you spent the four years doing?

  7. king do you only grow 8 crops?

  8. How’s your community center?

  9. Personally, I love fish ponds. They aren’t the most profitable use of space, but they’re pretty low effort and I just like how they look.

  10. I honestly love the aesthetic of this farm. I am in the beginning of Year 3 on my current save (though I haven’t touched it in a while), and my farm isn’t this pretty. Have I done things like complete the community center? Yes. But, I have no pretty paths, things look cluttered, my house is a mess… seeing farms like this really makes me appreciate the simple things. Keep rolling with it; this game is all about playing it the way you want to play it 🙂

  11. I gotta say, at first, I thought it was bad.

    But, when I got my head out of my ass, I realized you did a great job reforesting (which I suck at), you have lots of space for the animals, and your priorities are just plain different.

    I always tend to have bigger crop areas but then I end up spending too much time doing all that stuff.

    Long story short, It’s good! You’ve got plenty of room to grow and it’s flexible in reorganizing if you need to.

  12. Try farming a little more. Also try to build more farm buildings.

  13. No one has rated your farm yet so I rate it a solid 5/7, how many hours do you have in game total?

  14. So… did you go into the community center yet, and do any of the things it asks for?

  15. I’m jealous of just how many trees you have, holy xD also I love your pathways! Maybe some grass for your animals, but I really love your farm 🙂

  16. did you speed things up by saving? i mean you intentionally go to sleep sometimes just to speed things up.

  17. It’s not how I play, but 10 of 10 if you are enjoying it.

  18. I would be chopping down so many of those trees! Lol I hate having that many.

  19. Step 1: Get some Mega Bombs (or even regular Bombs idk)

    Step 2: Go to the forested area of your farm

    Step 3: Satisfaction 100

  20. Where do you plant your crops?

  21. I wish i had that many trees 😍

    My suggestions are:
    – put grass starter under your fence so your animals will have grass growing more
    – clear the trees by the cave, greenhouse, and north entrance, and add your wonderful paths there.
    – take advantage of the fact that you have so much land and consider where your adding your paths next. Try symmetrical squares or rectangles!
    – Use all those trees to your advantage and TAP Them 🤑

    Enjoy playing the game your way. I love the idea of going slow. Im currently playing slow and aesthetic and i love it. Im just focused on making my farm pretty over making money lol

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    CommunicationBig5131 March 29, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Needs more trees

  23. This is a shit post…. But it’s beautiful. OMG. The beauty.

  24. If you want something to do, I suggest getting a lot of bombs and bomb all the trees.

  25. tips save alot of wood

  26. I just started year 4 on my first save file as well! Funny how different our farms look

  27. No mushroom tree? what kind of farm is this!


  28. Some men just want to watch the world grow

  29. IMO your farm is peak Stardew Valley. Because of that I give it a solid 10/10.

    I’ve always felt that the game is what you make it. No rush or consequences for doing things at your pace or your own style.

    I’ve seen many really great “perfection” farms with lots of awesome things.

    But I like yours because it’s simple and unique. I really like the awesome giant forest.

    Just a suggestion: have you ever thought of making a small clearing somewhere in the forest with a bench to chill out on?

  30. Looks great – take your time and enjoy 🙂 I wish I could go back in time and re-experience everything in Stardew fresh for the first time again, and really go slow and savor it.

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    Consistent-Amoeba-84 March 29, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Looks like you’re well on your way to restoring fern gully! Lol it looks great i hope you’re having fun

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