1. “*So I did some building off camera*”

  2. I didn’t even catch this was Minecraft at first. Outstanding!

  3. Breathtaking. Wow.

  4. What on Earth man? How are you guys so talented, duuuude… That thing is sooooo cooool!!!! Im going crazy looking at the sheer size of that build! Also it’s proportional, nothing looks out of place. Congratulations man, I really like this build!

  5. Holy shit this is incredible

  6. So the map making huge steps. But it still takes time to make it enjoyable and downloadable. The whole interior infrastructure is a big challenge, not gonna lie.

    Also, we are trying to give it some life, some little and some bigger quests and a kind of history for each building. I hope you cool with that and follow the project some more time or going to in the future. I just want you to experience what I had in my head for way to long and that in the most perfect way.


  7. i recognised this style from your ‘a year caged at home as an architecture student’ post lol, you’re an amazing builder

  8. I hope you finished the back of the build. really nice build btw

  9. I usually lose interest in the build by the time it comes to the interior decorating and furnishing. I’ve built massive castles and cities, all empty.

  10. How many blocks high are you when you did screenshot

  11. Look nice I hope they have good sleep time:)

  12. I want to see a video of someone walking through this in game

  13. Pretty sure this is an elden ring level!

  14. My grandkids can’t wait to see what final touches your grandkids will make.

  15. ….can i download this map????????????????????????????…

  16. Big city. BEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGG CITY. Interiour design will be very funny

  17. Nice, good job!

  18. My God, you should have become a surgeon. But thank you for the eye service

  19. Holy shit this is amazing

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    SupremeEliminator42 March 29, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    Just curious

    How long did u spend on this?

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    PoopReddditConverter March 29, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    How… long…

  22. Oh please put a world download somewhere I need to see this masterpiece with my own eyes.

  23. looks like an academy for wizard cops of the future

  24. Wow incredible.

  25. This is wonderful… I thought this was real life for a second- great job OP!

  26. What type of stone is that?

    I thought it was a photo in real life at first until I zoomed in

  28. ✨ EPIC ✨

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    Routine_Leading_4757 March 29, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    This is insane!

  30. Yes but can you make a cobblestone cube?

  31. H O L Y S H I T


  33. This is some really beautiful work. The quality isn’t diminished by its scale which is a huge feat. Great work.

  34. Thats amazing

  35. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Merry me pls can we?

  36. Good luck my man

  37. Nice work dude 👍

  38. Man, I wanna explore this sooo bad. Upload the world file please

  39. The buildings are insane! How long did it take to build all of this

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    WhyIsTheNameBOTTaken March 29, 2022 at 5:44 pm

    Yo, you just inspired me man, ill try to incorporate this type of build style in my world too

  41. When people ask: Why do you need a high end GPU to play Minecraft?

    Jokes aside that is a stunning build and makes me think of a place from Game of Thrones or something. How long did it take to make and was it built in world edit or creative mode or full survival?

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