1. I’ve got a whole dedicated SSD for steam games. Called it my S: drive haha.

  2. I can’t even read the loading menu tips on Elden Ring because of this.

    The only problem with being faster than light is that you always live in darkness.

  3. When you have two 3 TB drives and you just install everything because fuck it

  4. This is why I have 2 NVMEs. One for OSs, the other for programs/games.

  5. My C drive is my NVME SSD.

    I only put there, things I want to load in lightning fast.

  6. C is for OS only, this honour is for the secondary NVME drive.

  7. C: drive? What a noob

  8. I have 2 ssds. One holds my favourite games and one holds ARK….

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