1. Cuz flight schools are the most expensive professional schools

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    time_wasting_student March 29, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    As if it’s that easy to just become a cargo pilot.

    Rule #1 of cush jobs is you can’t just walk into them. Those pilots defend their territory.

  3. It’ll be a useless profession when the nukes drop and the survivers grow wings

  4. Anon is Quagmire

  5. That’s actually pretty legit my damn

  6. I have a friend who wants to become pilot. He studying in pilot school (thankfully not US, so it is pretty cheap for him).

    Honestly, he just doesn’t see any sunlight at all, cause it’s real hard to become a pilot, many just quit.

    Besides you need to have at least good vision to qualify GETTING into school, so no chance for glasses fags like me.

  7. > virgin holds forth at length about boxes while we try not to snicker

  8. Because you can still get attacked by a crazy fedex employee with a hammer and a speargun

  9. >boxes can’t hijack you

    One of the bloodiest plane highjacking’s to ever occur happened on a cargo plane so think again buddy

  10. >easier than driving a car

    That’s where you’re wrong kiddo.

  11. I remember looking into becoming a pilot. basically, the competition is fierce because everyone thinks it’s a cool job and there are only so many openings and it doesn’t pay as well as you think it would.

  12. “Boxes don’t clap”

    Americans don’t understand this

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    jackocomputerjumper March 29, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    Anon don’t want to be hijacked.

  14. I always see people talking about plane clappers but in all my years I’ve never once been on a plane of clappers, gonna need some video proof

  15. Anon is stupid. You’d have to get a certified pilots license and have 1400 hours of flying to be considered. Not to mention how expensive ground school is

  16. Why don’t you just land a job where the training to even apply costs more than 10 years salary?

  17. Fake, transport pilots are worked like ni
    Like dogs

  18. Do you have ANY fucking idea how expensive flight school is?

  19. Unironic question

    Im a senior in high school and going to two years of community college afterwards to figure out what I wanna do. Being a pilot is something I’ve always wanted to do as a kid. If I were to pursue that in the US what would it look like? Do I need a degree before going into flight school?

  20. It takes such a long time to become a pilot for large jets.

    Sure you make a filthy paycheck and get tons of time off, but it takes years and a lot of money to get there. Also you need to be in good health which rules out most of 4chan and reddit

  21. Boxes are gonna fiddle your buttons either

  22. “Boxes don’t clap like retards”

  23. if I ever pilot, cargo plane

  24. FedEx flight 705 might disagree about the hijacking part…

  25. Anon is unaware that a single crew member of a plane is still capable of hijacking the plane or attempting to hijack the plane. An example of this is Fed-Ex flight 705.

  26. needsmorejpeg

  27. Been my dream for 9 years

  28. They drug test

  29. If your flight goes down the company you work for doesn’t give a shit that you die just that they understand how the plane went down. Your remains never get cleaned up and you and the debris of the planet get left where you crashed.

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