1. Nah double negative mate, you’re good to go

  2. Yup. You’re pregnant. Congrats.

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    hanging_with_epstein March 30, 2022 at 6:14 am

    I build houses, so I’m more than qualified to give you medical advice. That said, that’s clearly a negative

  4. C line and T line obviously you need a CT scan.

  5. Not sure, I’ve got a sharpie you can borrow if you want to make it a little clearer.

  6. As a COVID tester I have literally seen people bring in their cassettes like this and ask for a PCR to confirm. It infuriates me to all hell because I tell them that they should just bloody well register their RAT with the gov and be on their merry f**king way.

    PCR aren’t free. Medicare is footing the bill and in other words taxes.

  7. Hard to say. Have you tried asking on FB or insta? Might be more experts there.

  8. Nah mate. Go get a PCR when you can be bothered – but party on in the meantime!

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    SmoothJuggernaut5467 March 30, 2022 at 6:14 am

    Did you draw a line with a sharpie??

  10. I’ve done my own research, and you’re definitely…[checks notes]… whatever you want to be.

  11. “C” = COVID. I’ve had COVID for months. Starting to get suspicious of these RATs.

  12. Looks a little faulty, maybe take another

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    FacesmashedPumkins March 30, 2022 at 6:14 am

    *saves photo*

  14. Well depends. If you are in the eastern states this is a negative. If you’re in WA. It’s a positive…. even though the rule might change soon. Perspective… lol

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    PossiblyRetarded121 March 30, 2022 at 6:14 am

    Looks negative to me. Must of been quite a scare go out a relax :^)

  16. Missing the U & N

  17. Check you didn’t have orange juice of soft drink 5 seconds before the test. Otherwise you guaranteed yourself a positive

  18. Congrats. Make sure you give us an update in 9 months

  19. Congratulations on your baby!

  20. Congrats! Cant wait to see the gender reveal.

  21. You’ve got the Covid x Polio collab 3.0 exclusive edition.

  22. invalid

  23. Nah youll be right mate.

  24. I think that means no THC was detected.

  25. I was thinking u were trying the paid week off trick. Looks good to go from me

  26. Yay another covid baby

  27. [removed]

  28. i think youre pregnant with ~~twins~~ triplets . congratulations

  29. [removed]

  30. Youre good as long as the S is clear

  31. I’m pretty sure you need to leave it out for another two hours for maximum results. Report back when the entire strip is black.

  32. In my expert opinion built on social media, that is a definite minor flu with covid-like symptoms. A covid-like mini-flu, if you will.

  33. Covid with extreme prejudice

  34. Congratulations 🥳

  35. Yep you can start planning your gender reveal!

  36. Borderline. Better take 5 PCRs to be sure.

  37. Are you blind? You can’t be serious mate

  38. Hahahaahaha

  39. Yeah but do you have consent to report it to the authorities?

  40. It’s a bit unclear. Try another I a few hours and if that’s the same maybe go for a PCR.

  41. por qué no los dos?

  42. Mine was done in 2 mins….no change there then.

  43. the C stands for Coronavirus, the T stands for T-virus… you’ll mutate into a coughing zombie soon

  44. Covid-19 Ag

    Ag is silver on the periodic table

    You are confirmed to have type C and T of the “rona silver variant”

    If S had a line you’d be considered the highest class case of your kind

    May the chances ever be in your favour

  45. No black line in the “S” for Sick, so you should be good. The “C” one is for Control. The “T” one is for control Two. So looks fine.

  46. Mine is still this glow in the dark 13 days later, the virus is strong.

  47. Definitely pregnant. Cobgratulations!

  48. wear a mask and test again tomorrow.

  49. Positive….

    ly negative!

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