1. This is apparently called the Robomow. It was built to mimic a robotic mower from the 2000’s. All I could find on it was this video.



  2. A high performance Roomba

  3. How many different wheels does it have?

  4. I don’t know, but it might’ve fought Hypno-Disc and Chaos 2 at some point.

  5. Battlebots racer

  6. It’s a Roomba with an LS-6

  7. The latest track day sensation. Totally whipped the Lotus Seven that’s clearly span off in the back of the shot. Central driving position like a McLaren F1. Possibly a mule for Gordon Murray’s T50 /s

  8. The only car whose turning circle is a negative number.

  9. Perfect post. What a weird thing, it’s awesome.

  10. It’s the new Roomba

  11. Are those gauges on the passenger side or does the driver have a puppet co driver?

  12. In the thumbnail I thought he was escaping under the zebra arms.

  13. Wheelbase to width ratio is like 0.5

  14. Doomba

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