1. I have 4k hours and constantly talk shit on the game

  2. yo i have 70 hours the past 2 weeks and 230 hours on record, i love this game, i came from valorant. due to being in japan noone communitcates in jp valorant servers but in cs there is alot of friendly chiense players who communitcates!

  3. So? I have 2k+ hours, play actively and keep my negative review. They clearly have the resources to combat cheating but instead they just release cases. Is the game still amazing? Yes. Is it inexcusable how they can’t solve basic issues while whaling in money? Also yes.

  4. No need to make a competition between the games, both have good and bad points, you don’t have to choose only 1 to play, but he has a good point about CS, the anti cheat system is trash (but we all agree with this right?) And valorant has a lot of toxic players too, on the BR server i find more toxic shit players in valorant than in CS tbh, skins? You don’t need to pay for a skin that costs more than your car to play, keep you dragon lore and butterfly fade I’ll keep my m4a1 boreal forest…

  5. Sums up Csgo pretty well to be fair

  6. 3k hours here, I think CSGO is a better game but the matchmaking is so bad right now (smurfs and cheaters everywhere, at least in NA) that I’ve taken a break and started to get more into Valorant. The performance has also suffered a TON, every single update seems to shave 10-20 FPS off my average.

    I know there’s Faceit but honestly I shouldn’t have to download/pay for a third party matchmaking system to have decent games.

  7. To be fair, that guy isn’t wrong. Valorant in itself I hate. Player feels like a moving brick to me and relies alot on abilities not actual shooting. But CSGO has alot of problems with everything they said. Hell CSGO doesn’t even support 128 tick servers.

    Source 2 is needed big time. I have more hours then the guy who left that review and I’m pretty much to the point I’m just waiting on new games to come out. Can’t play a single game of comp without playing against blatant cheaters.

  8. Name 1 wrong thing he said lmao

  9. Never understood why people from cs go would even move to valorant? Its not even close to the same game.

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    flame_alchemist17 April 4, 2022 at 9:10 pm

    I agree with the OP, I used to play CS but I recently shifted to valo for over a year (cuz cs is kinda dead iny country and no new kid will pay 20 dollars for it when they’ve got valorant for free)

    But valorant has its own problems, like it’s wayy to much Agent focussed, say you controller dies first while peeking mid, you’re left with no smokes for the entire round or you get a shit duelist in solo queue and now even though you carried you entire team on defending as a sentinel, you still lose in attacking

    Plus most maps are in need of balancing(yess riot did rework breeze and icebox which is actually kinda good), with the correct choice of agents you easily turn a map into either a defensive or attack dominated map
    Even balanced maps like ascent can get defense dominated if you have the right agent

    And the shit that I hate the most !
    POST PLANTS, Mannnn ! what happened to the good ol defending the bomb with your life shit ?

  11. Nearly 5k hours here, It’s saddening for me to have quit this game as it genuinely seems like valve doesn’t give a shit about this game.

  12. Faceit literally solves all of these problems except relatively well except the skins one but that one is stupid because valorant skins have to real value or rarity.

  13. Only problem I have with Valorant is the Overwatch ability kind of stuff. I want classic CSGO but with things improved like in Valorant.

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    RuthamhardOfBeanland April 4, 2022 at 9:10 pm

    those are some valid takes. I dont follow the skin one though. Like you can spend 50$ on a valorant skin and they are worth fucking nothing. They are sick af, and i love using them, but they are extremely expensive considering they are worthless. CSGO skins are expensive, but at least they are worth something.


    Also csgo has better maps, better movement, better gunplay etc. Valorant is more modern and better optimized and all that, csgo is still a better game though.

  15. Valorant is full of kids. And the game is not fun.

  16. Valorant poggers agreed

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    theintelligenttrader April 4, 2022 at 9:10 pm

    Sounds like someone is mad they can’t click faces on a consistent basis. Valorant sucks.

  18. lol nice review. makes sense when someone is rooting for Valorant. All hardcore Valorant lovers, please leave <3

  19. Not wrong tho.

  20. I mean, they’re not wrong. CS being a dumpsterfire is half the reason why I play it

  21. And ? 1.7k hrs is a pretty good hrs to have on a game to make judgement on.

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    Big_Mathematician137 April 4, 2022 at 9:10 pm

    I got 5k hours and hate cs sometimes but it’s still 1000x better than valo tbh

  23. I think he is mildly trolling, because prime is not $20, it’s $15 or less on other regions, also regarding anticheats, you can play on other platforms like faceit, esea, esportal,

    it’s annoying that some people are comparing csgo with valorant, they are two different games with different goals, not everyone invested many hours in cs will go and invest many hours in valorant learning all 20+ agents and their abilities

  24. Still thinking valorant recoil is piece of a grand black chinese shit.

  25. Agree with all of the above, I love the game but fuck me I hate it sometimes too. It could do with an overhaul

  26. Truth hurts. I got vac message other day even though my pc not changed on months, got 7 day ban.

  27. Ultimately He is right and those are valid reasons. Sadly.

  28. Nobody hates CSGO more than CSGO players.

  29. Your typical csgo player.

  30. I love how many people say “move to Valorant” as if it would be a CS alternative. It’s not. It’s different. The base concept as it’s VERY naked core (attack versus defenders) is the same, but from there things get difficult. I don’t want to play Valorant I want to play CS

  31. i have 3K ok War thunder, guess what’s my opinion? don’t play it, don’t get fooled by the fact that i play it, its a trap, don’t go there, it’s late for me, but not for you!

  32. He right

  33. I’ve got 9.4k hrs and I say this game is shit since 2014 but I still love it though

  34. And it’s all true

  35. He will come back. They always do.

  36. 20 dollars? lol, isn’t it 13

  37. THIS GAME NEEDS AND ANTI CHEAT and why the fuck did my friend have to pay 1 euro or something for prime and i have to pay 10 WTF????? NICE GAME and i lost 15 lvls cuz this u cant lvl up anymore. like no fucking shit that valorant is getting the players

  38. 1. You don’t have to.
    2. Can’t argue. But have you ever heard of Faceit?
    3. Do you actually get banned by mass reports? (Actual question) I only have seen people muted
    4. Yeah
    5. You don’t have to buy them. And many don’t even cost 5$ lol
    6. Never got that, except in Casual
    7. Well, swearing is communication too

    And 0.000001% me
    ^(oh fuck I’m a neckbeard too)

  39. Guess who just lost his rank :

  40. “Skins that don’t cost as much as your car” My brother in christ, most of us (including me) have a full loadout that costs as much as a happy meal. Sounds like a you (person in the post) problem to me.

  41. I want to strongly dissagree with skin prices and toxicity. Ive seen people flame in both games (4k hours in csgo and valorsnt since season 1) and skin prices, atleast csgo has affordable skins that cost ariund 1$ while in valorant you have to pay like 8$for the shittiest skin possible

  42. “Skins that don’t cost as much as your car”

    Just because there are skins that are really expensive doesn’t mean you’re forced to buy them. There’s a good looking skin for each price range.

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