1. Most viral streamer of 2022.

  2. That is a massive piss.

  3. lol that “nope” step at the start of the video. Someone clearly noticed the stream of piss and decided not to go in

  4. That’s disgusting

  5. r/subwaycreatures

  6. Didn’t them people hear the trickle?

  7. I find it comical that this didn’t need to be marked NSFW because of the petite dispenser

  8. My issue is the other passengers seem to have no problem with the pee heading their way

  9. Man’s got some pressure. Impressive distance.

  10. When you ride the subway in NYC for a length of time you spot the patterns that show the problems.

    “Oh look, a completely empty subway car…”

    Hell no, here is what you might find:




    Combo of first three

    Hobo, crazy.

    Hobo, wildly drunk.

    Hobo, sex.

    Hobo, stabby.

    And really anything else you want to imagine. Empty car is empty for a reason.

  11. This is what I want to do every night instead of getting out of bed.

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    scenicviewtoinsanity March 29, 2022 at 11:28 am

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  13. This made me audibly say “dude”

  14. Liveleak.

  15. Lazyness level 100

  16. This is beyond frustrating. This is disgusting. I get that the subways don’t really make it cheap to use the bathroom and use the train. I definitely noticed you usually had to exit the platform to find a restroom and pay to get back on a train. I get that quite often the best place for affordable shelter form the elements is on the subways.

    But this behavior is just going to make it more difficult to find that shelter without people wanting to chase you off…more than usual. I’ve been there myself. Often you’re just tolerated. Often you’re ignored. If you’re lucky someone is helpful. But people like this guy can make it so much worse.

  17. My brother once told me when he went to San Francisco he stumbled upon a Drunk guy laying down in the street in broad daylight, and was too fucked up to get up to pee and shit. So he pulled his trousers down enough to squirt shit out off ass and piss at the sametime.

  18. Bro why do you think I switch cars when homeless people get on. NYC hobos built different man.

  19. There was something comical about the guy walking towards and then turning around like “nope”

  20. Disgusting

  21. mildlyurinating

  22. Surprised he didn’t get his ass beat right then and there.

  23. Ha! One reason I no longer take the subway. That, rising crime, crazy people and poo smeared on seats. Only seen that sort of thing twice (thrice if you count the homeless man who took a newspaper, stood on it and casually opened EXTREMELY loose bowels then sat down, as if that was perfectly normal behaviour; EVERYONE else got off at the next stop!) is two times too many.

  24. This is probably 90+% alcohol, he is just disenfecting the floor

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    Rare-Seaworthiness-9 March 29, 2022 at 11:28 am

    Why this is mildlyinfuriating? This goes to the highlyinfuriating sub

  26. r/hydrohomies admin irl

  27. Those tiktok girls targeted the wrong homeless guy.

  28. LeakReality waterstamp checks out.

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    Ok-Possibility-4802 March 29, 2022 at 11:28 am

    Well, that’s one method to encourage social distancing 🤔

  30. I have no words. He has no dinkus.

  31. Like I want to be grossed out, but the first thing I noticed was that is one hydrated homeless person.

    That pee is clear!

  32. The water mark is extremely fitting to the content.

  33. Someone did this at the grocery store we used to shop at. There were lines at both the men’s and women’s. This elderly man asked me could he go ahead of me in the women’s. I was pregnant and couldn’t hold it as well. I told him so. I came back out and the man that was behind the elderly man had pissed from one side of the room to the others. I was highly upset because it’s nasty and obviously wouldn’t wanna fall in piss period but didn’t want to fall while pregnant especially.

  34. News outlet name checks out

  35. god can you imagine the smell in that cart…. gag

  36. Remember kids, your life might be in shambles, but not homeless and pissing on an occupied train floor while laying down drunk (on camera) shambles!

  37. This is more than *mildly* infuriating to me.

  38. There’s a golden rule to taking the subway in NYC. When it comes into the station and goes by you look and see how full the cars are as they pass you by. If the car that stops in front of you has no one or significantly less people in it then run for the next car. Because that means something like this or worse is going on.

  39. I wish they would make these people scrub the cars. Maybe they would remember enough to not do it again. Are there restrooms at the stations?

  40. It’d be funny if he rolled off the bench and into the pee puddle.

    Edited for reasons

  41. Ah yes, the piddle express.

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    Street_Dragonfruit43 March 29, 2022 at 11:28 am

    This isn’t cleaning…

  43. The fucking mental state you have to be in to do this… I kinda feel bad for the man.

  44. Mildly? This dude needs an ass-kicking and I’m not interested in any excuses.

  45. I remember this on Million Dollar Extreme

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