1. I know you meant “(and Maddy)” because Maddy isn’t queer but I had to read it twice to make sure you weren’t calling her untalented LOL

  2. I just want to watch lgbtqia+ (plus Maddy) excellence being excellent. Like Michelle Visage says, I want to see gay shit.

  3. Literally and if it was a meh season Id understood but every episode is so good like what even should we complain about

  4. Honestly it’s been good, I just wish next time they don’t pull 43 twists to justify these non-elimination episodes

  5. Literally 😭😭 well never have this season again until we’re all dead who cares about 2 more weeks 😩

  6. Every episode (even when it was a mess like Snatch game) has been SOLID, so this season isn’t disappointing so Idc about it being long as shit

    Imagine if S11 had this, then we’d have a problem

  7. I’m obsessed with this forever season. I never want it to end

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    almost-archaeologist March 29, 2022 at 6:18 pm

    I don’t mind non elimination episodes but I wish they were earlier in the season so we can see more of the early eliminated queens.
    They spent so much money on coming to the show and we barely get to meet them.

  9. (and Maddy) sent me

  10. I’m sure Maddy is pretty queer by osmosis at this point. He might still only be attracted to women but you know he’s lost the ability to do math or drive a car.

  11. I love all the queens getting lots of screen time

  12. Very this. I’m not complaining on the season being very long. I really enjoyed it. Especially since the cast is really entertaining and likable. Also i just knew if the season ends im gonna end up confusedwhat show should i watch next till new season or all stars.

  13. Maddy’s not straight – he’s just heterosexual.

  14. I think they just need to rework the format a little if they’re going to keep it so long. Idk how exactly. I do like giving them all more screen time but I don’t like when the show feels stagnant so late in the game.

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    fabulousfantabulist March 29, 2022 at 6:18 pm

    I love long seasons! I just wish it were more of a S3-type long season than this one where it feels like every other episode didn’t have a real elimination.

  16. According to Bosco she yelled “this season is never going to fcking end!” After she pulled out the gold chocolate bar but it was edited out

  17. I don’t think it’s length, just the pacing.
    Season 3 was the same length, but didn’t feel like it because queens were actually going home every episode.

  18. As some said here, it’s not the length that’s bothersome but rather the pacing. Season 3 was perfect despite being quite a long season. The fact that only Jasmine was eliminated in this month of March is insane.

    Give us a long season but space out the non-eliminations properly. They can also do a throwaway first episode that’s sort of like a casting style episode, similar to how ANTM used to do it. That’s a better way to give coverage even to queens not cast in the season, plus it’s much better than just expending the episode number through multiple non elimination twists.

  19. The big problem with this is that the early out queens get the shaft.

    My understanding is that they’re not allowed to release certain projects until the season ends. People like June and Alyssa Hunter are stuck waiting for the season to end before they can start promoting their work right away. By the time their NDAs/Contracts allow them to promote these projects, interest in these early out queens dies down.

  20. I don’t have a problem with it, I miss them when they are gone. I do watch other versions but something about the original, it’s just special to me.

    The only thing I wish is that the show would go back to having more sewing challenges. I understand the acting, dancing challenges are the shiny object that draws in the casual viewer but let them learn to love watching these girls show their creativity.

  21. Do remember this is a competitive TV show. The challenge that I’m running into right now with them going weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks (and weeks) without eliminating someone is that the pacing of the show gets ruined. If I remember correctly, I believe they went 4 weeks without eliminating someone.

    Also, while them sharing their life experience is great, im also tuning in for the competition aspect of it. If these queens do poorly during a challenge and lose a lipsync, eliminate them. The format of the show requires such a thing. If all the fans really want is for the queens to show their talents week to week, I really do thing that the Vegas show was a great avenue for that cuz that shit was good and didn’t require for the queens to get stressed, to compete, or to get eliminated.

  22. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I have no issue with long seasons especially when the queens are doing well and showing their talent and I am enjoying them. What I have an issue with is the expected eliminations and then none, it feels anticlimactic. If it was a point system and they all stayed for the entire season and then the winner or top 4 announced at the end of ep 16 then that’s perfect to me!

  23. Yessss, agreed! I see so many people complaining about it, but the queens and this season in general are so damn good. Give me 10 more episodes idc

  24. Exactly, It’s such a good season, I don’t see the problem with it lasting long! In fact, the more time we get with this cast, the better!

  25. i was just telling my friend that i like the long season. at this point this is season 14.2 the remix. i think anyone can pull ahead and win. everyone has been in the bottom. now we like the queens we like and the stakes are set.
    don’t you like having something to do on friday night ? i love meeting my girlies and having a good time.

  26. Just thinking how before it was already economically extremely difficult (even for a DIY queen) to do all their looks, the sheer thought of extending by 3-5 episodes at least sounds like a mountain of debt

  27. I too also want to watch talented queer artists, but I don’t think the shows format is great to show case that. Remember that the queens come prepared with a limited amount of content so we’re getting thinned out versions of these artist not necessarily at their best. Prolonging the season to me just makes it feel unnecessary, and feels exploitative at some point

  28. LITERALLY I feel exactly the same!! I love drag race! I’ll never complain about too much Drag Race.

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