1. The mother became the mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law became the mother.

  2. I made about 10 different facial expressions while reading this

  3. Noyesnono yes?

  4. That almost got scary

  5. And then? I’m know there’s more…

  6. Man what a rollercoaster

  7. What is this, some Korean drama?

  8. Well hello step sister.

  9. One child policy bruh

  10. Had me in the first two thirds not gonna lie

  11. How do you just ‘lose’ children? Especially in cases like this where those children are obviously doing well for themselves.

  12. Yeah, her “lost” daughter… Right before she adopted a son… She “lost” her daughter… Sure….

  13. starts as nononoALABAMA and then turns into nononoyes but i think this story could also be fromt the onion …

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    MildlyMixedUpOedipus March 29, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    More like yesyesyesno

  15. Degenerated weebs :-“ i have seen this before “

  16. Daughter must’ve worn gloves all the time when seeing her

  17. so her daughter is her daughter-in-law…?

  18. Please tell me they told him he was adopted on the day

  19. What a plotwist

  20. Just came here to post this xD

  21. This is definitely a new version of the stepsister videos.

  22. Good, they go well with the in laws now

  23. telenovela, I was watching that show when I was little XD.

  24. The show must go on.

  25. That was quite the ride.

  26. why you people believe chinese made clickbait news?

  27. here we fking go China about to claim they invented drama…

  28. What are you doing step bro?

  29. yesyesyesno – Alabama guy

  30. Oh man this was going to hell fast

  31. Why does that read like a r/whenthe post? Even the punchline is inside a parenthesis

  32. I kind of don’t want to know the details of the lost daughter. Might make this all just a “no”.

  33. Next year this movie will hit theaters near you.

  34. That some hentai shit

  35. What are you doing actual step bro?

  36. So she got rid of her daughter and adopted a boy?

  37. This reminded me of this story. It’s worth your time to watch this…


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