1. But can you crack them with your front teeth, suck out the seeds and remove the shells in one smooth motion without having shit in your mouth?

  2. Anon’s American. The country that invented obese people and people who think sizeism is a problem. I’m not surprised they can’t eat anything that requires any effort at all.

  3. I’ve observed a local bird and the correct technique is to throw them into your drink so they get all soggy and soft, then you shit in your own drink, then you eat the seed.

  4. 4 month old account that only started posting a few hours ago, and it put the html encoding for “>” in the title. Could op be a bot?

  5. The addiction everybody gets when they try it.

  6. When I was a kid no one taught me how to eat sunflower seeds properly when I first tried it. Naturally I found out the painful way when I went to use the bathroom 16 hours later

  7. Well, how big of a bird?

  8. Those are pistacchios not sunflower seeds.

  9. I eat em with the shells. I like the crunch!

  10. 700lb demon

  11. Nobody tell anon that they sell bags of already deshelled sunflower seeds


  12. Just polished off half a bag of these bad boys. Can confirm they’re addictive as fuck.

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