+4869 [Ottawa Senators] It is with great…

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2022-03-29 02:23:37

+4869 – [Ottawa Senators] It is with great sadness that the family of Eugene Melnyk and the Ottawa Senators hockey organization announce his passing on March 28, 2022 after an illness he faced with determi

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  1. I thought this was some crass Twitter joke when I first saw it. What the fuck man

  2. I’m happy that the last home game he was alive for was over 90% capacity and was a great game with a party atmosphere. It was the biggest crowd I’d seen there in years and it reminded me of the good old days when that arena would be bumping. He received a lot of deserved criticism, but I’d like to remember that he saved the franchise and the considerable charity work he did in both Ottawa and the GTA.

  3. Holy shit wtf… this came out of nowhere.

    I know everyone trashed on him but fuck man… we just hoped he would retire. Fuck that’s awful.

    Hope his family is doing well, RIP Eugene.

  4. I had no idea he was even sick. RIP

  5. Oh my god. RIP.

  6. >The National Hockey League mourns the passing of Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. The words ‘passion’ and ‘commitment’ define the man who has owned the Ottawa Senators since 2003. Whether it was in the boardroom with his fellow governors, at the rink with his beloved Senators or in the community with his philanthropy, he cared deeply about the game, about his team and about bettering the lives of those in need, particularly underserved children, organ donation and, most recently, with his commitment to his parents’ home country of Ukraine.

    [Statement from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman on the Passing of Eugene Melnyk](https://media.nhl.com/public/news/15948)

  7. 62 is too early for anyone to go man 🙁

  8. Holy shit. Rest In Peace, what a shock.

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    DastardlyRidleylash March 29, 2022 at 12:23 pm

    Oh fuck, this is *way* outta nowhere. Dude clearly loved the team, even if he and the fanbase had pretty rocky relations at times.

    Who owns the Sens now, then? I assume he’d have to have someone in line to succeed him as owner just in case something like this happened.

  10. OH My god. Genuinely in shock.

  11. The title should read with determination and courage. Oops that’s my bad

    If a mod could pin this or something that’d be great

  12. Was it publicly known that he was sick? RIP

  13. God damn. I don’t know what to say. I may not have years of childhood hockey memories without this man. He was passionate about this team. Rest in peace.

  14. Holy fuck.

    Obviously not Sens fan’s favourite person in the world, but you never wish death on someone. All the best to his family. RIP.

  15. Holy smokes. Rest In Peace.

  16. I had to read that five times to understand it. Goodness what a shock.

  17. I have been a Melynk hater for years. Among the most vitriolic to be honest.

    Having said that, his passing is still a sad day for his family and friends. My thoughts are with them at this difficult time.

  18. Holy shit that was sudden. Ugh, thoughts go out to his family. That is tragic.

  19. What the fuck. That came out of nowhere. Dear Lord……

  20. Holy shit. Rest in peace.

  21. In spite of Melynks reputation amongst Hockey and Senators fans, it’s not necessarily a good thing for ownership to be suddenly thrown into turmoil. Probably a good idea to separate the business man from the man in a situation like this. There isn’t really any point in criticizing the recently deceased.

    Hopefully whatever comes next for Ottawa’s ownership brings stability.

  22. Oh my god. Rest In Peace, sincere condolences to his family.

  23. Oh shit. Is it too early to ask what happens with the franchise? (genuinely curious, not trying to be rude)

  24. I have routinely told friends that I hated Melnyk as the owner of my team. I have even said that it would take Melnyk dying one day for the team to have a shot at the cup. That being said no man deserves to die that young. His poor family. I never wanted it to go down like this.

  25. This is shocking. We heard he was one of the guys pushing to get fans back in the seats with the province not long ago. Something must have taken a turn for the worst and quickly. Rest in peace Eugene. All the best to his family.

  26. As much as he was not popular with Ottawa fans in the last few years, you still have to remember all the positive things hid did for the community: saving the team from relocation in the early 2000s, promoting local minor hockey, raising awareness for organ donation. His last statement was a show of support for Ukraine. Wasn’t my favourite person, but my thoughts go out to his family.

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