1. Breathtaking

  2. The cuteness energy is unrivaled

    But her fingers are gonna get cold, ruby plz invest in mittens

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  4. Lovely work, truly capturing how cute and Ruby her new outfit is in a great art style! I hope that whatever situation she has it in is a happy one like this.

    . . . As for the hot cocoa: I would like to think that Admiral Weiss has rewarded it. It is Weiss’ thing to give people hot drinks to show she cares

  5. Ruby: *Drooling* It’s like drinking liquid cookies!

    Weiss: How do you get it *that* sweet?

    Ruby: Well, you start with 2% milk, then you melt 50g of pure milk chocolate, and add marshmallows and whip cream to your hearts content!

    Weiss: Wow. That’s a lot of sugar. . .

    Ruby: *Proud* Yep! So much so that Ren has banned Nora from drinking it!

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