+46756 [OC] My girlfriend wanted to try cosplay…

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2022-03-28 18:05:35

+46756 – [OC] My girlfriend wanted to try cosplay for the first time for GaryCon. After many hours of crafting (and body paint) she created this entire costume for her Half-Orc Barbarian.

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  1. *EDIT:* Since this blew the hell up unexpectedly, (holy shit, btw) I’d be stupid not to mention that she and I are a part of a DnD 5e Actual Play Podcast called “The D20 Syndicate.” [You can find it here.](https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-d20-syndicate-a-d-d-podcast/id1448143673?i=1000555114960) or there’s a link to it in my bio. Not sure if I’m allowed to post that (if not, I’ll take it down)


    GaryCon was an absolute blast. Everyone kept running up to her to chat and take pictures. She said the best part was little girls approaching her and telling her she was really awesome, which she described as making her feel cooler than anything else. It was super endearing to see them run up to her excitedly and then tell their parents they wanted to get a costume just like hers.

    She was only able to do it for one day as the body paint was very labor intensive, but it was a ton of fun! She thinks she caught the “bug” and is now feverishly planning her next costume.

    An amendment: the ax was one of those cheap plastic toys you can buy at any Halloween boutique, but she wrapped that in leather, added fur and more blood to make it her own.

    Additional edit: it might be kind of hard to see in the pic, but she made all of the bone “jewelry” as well. The necklace, and (probably harder to see) her bone “barrettes.” She bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner, then afterwards boiled and bleached the bones, affixed them with leather cord and metal fasteners (I’m not sure what actual terms are) and added some stain and paint to age them.

    Another edit (sorry): Since people are asking for the details on the types of paint and such she used (not affiliated with any of these brands, fyi):

    Body Paint – Mehron Water-Activated Body Paint + same brand Pressed Powder for contour and detailing.
    Eye Make Up – Just a regular, cheaply purchased eye shadow palette + black eyeliner.
    Lips – Combined a generic black lipstick with Maybelline Serpentine.

    Applied paint with a Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush.

    Once everything was dry, finished with a corn starch-based body powder (some drug store brand).

    Also, no, she is not sponsored by that RAID game, lol. (Nor am I.)

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    xxScienceLuvva69xx March 29, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    For a cosplay this is great. For a first cosplay this is incredible.

  3. I thought this was a RAID ad for a second. Good job!

  4. No you’re mistaken. You’re clearly dating a half orc and she’s using the “cosplay” thing as a cover.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with a cosplay post before – but the application of body paint looks so even! Like even around the hairline?! She did an amazing job

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    InternationalGrass42 March 29, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    Damn, that looks awesome! Keep that axe bloody and keep the rage going!

  7. She looks more like she *removed* her human makeup.

  8. She really pulls it off.

  9. Marry her! 🤣

  10. I know she’s a barbarian and all, but tell her it’s very dangerous to keep such a sharp axe near the head.

  11. She pulled it off quite nicely, enjoy your questing together

  12. Oh my god she looks so fucking cool!!!!

    That’s it, I’m doing a cosplay.

  13. Was there and saw you and your crew outside the vendor hall. Great job with the outfits and glad you enjoyed the con!

  14. Fuck yeah!

  15. The bloody axe is a nice touch. It’s because she’s always SLAYING

  16. Fucking crushed it. On par with some cosplay veterans, congrats 👏

  17. Marry her.

  18. This is dope!
    I made her a fanart: https://imgur.com/a/Pc4R53t

  19. That is a fantastic cosplay! I always prefer the DIY ones. Good work!

  20. Really excellent work! I’m not even going to justify it with “for a first cosplay”. It looks great, and she looks so happy and excited.

    If I’d seen her, I’d want a picture with her too.

  21. I saw her there and she looked awesome!

  22. Wow, talk about dedication. I can’t imagine how long the body paint took.

  23. OMG I saw her there! Didn’t really talk to her but yeah that costume was incredible. Well done!

    Edit: a word

  24. That Ax! Even Gimli would be proud/impressed

  25. Looks so cool! Great outfit and the green is a really nice shade as well, doesn’t look cartoonish.

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    SucksToYourAssmar3 March 29, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    Let’s see yours!

  27. Holy shit that’s an awesome cosplay. Tell your GF she fuckin NAILED IT

  28. I’m just bummed that my college spring break always ends the weekend before garycon so I end up missing it. Would have loved to see the cosplay in person, keep the dice rolling and may they never land on a 1.

  29. This is a first time? Pretty awesome

  30. I don’t know about a half-orc oh, I’m getting more of a 5/8 vibe

  31. Quite simply, wow.

  32. She’s a keeper!

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    Northatlanticiceman March 29, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    A great Cosplay, well done on the make up and costume.

  34. That is such a perfect orc skin colour.

  35. I don’t believe I have ever commented on a cosplay photo before, but that is some exceptional work. The whole thing just has a complete feel to it, like all the pieces belong together. Very well done.

  36. Are her ears genuinely modded or did she use a prosthetic for them? Whole ensemble looks great!

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