1. I wonder why dogs do this, it’s so funny

  2. How distinguished

  3. Reginald, bring henceforth the sun beam to me I shant be traveling further towards the window.

  4. look at this distinguished gentleman, look at the way he is sitting, yes yes, very distinguished

  5. Criss cross applesauce

  6. whatta gent

  7. Love it. My pupper does this once a day and it puts a smile on my face everytime

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    Spirited-Instance584 March 29, 2022 at 10:54 pm

    My dog love laying like this. So classy

  9. Aw, this cutie has some r/fancyfeet going on.

  10. Our Chihuahua does this. So regal.

  11. Absolutely stunning dog. What mix?

  12. Looks like he’s ready to hear your problems.

  13. Look at this distinguished gentleman 🎩

  14. Very distinguished 😌

  15. look at those fancy feets

  16. My dog sits like this all the time!!!

  17. Fancy boi 😍

  18. That’s a good boy.

  19. Adorable gentlemen

  20. He looks like he’s surveying his kingdom

    He’s really beautiful btw

  21. Elegant

  22. r/chilling

  23. I prefer to sit like that too. He’s a handsome gentleman.

  24. My dog does the same.
    Because her collar lowers, I say she looks like a fat business man with a tight tie.

  25. So distinguished – truly a gentleman and a scholar

  26. Excellent polite paws

  27. Nothing just an elegant doggo

  28. My dog used to do that and i thought it indicated that he was gay

  29. dont airport canine units do this when they find drugs?

  30. He’s an old soul enjoying life ♥

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