1. This is the follow mode of sheep. They lack the common sense to solve everyday obstacles.

  2. Draino the dog

  3. Did the dog really just walk on the sheep?

  4. Baa ram ewe is the cheat code

  5. “You there! …GTFO immediately!”

  6. Running in- “Jesus H. Christ everyday I gotta…Get moving!” Running out – “Idiot f**king sheep…”

  7. I love that he’s just bouncing off the top of them

  8. FYI for those wondering what the blue spots on the sheep are… they put blue on the rams belly and when they knock up the sheep they leave this mark on them!!! That way the farmer knows which sheep have had sex with the ram!

  9. We don’t jump on sheep Mackenzie!

  10. This is definitely not the first time this dog did this.

  11. Two wrongs do make a bite

  12. Omg someone do this to the major street leading to the on-ramp

  13. [Cmon bluey, its just like jumping from one sheep to another](https://youtu.be/HSRaYlT6yvg?t=169)

  14. As a Brit, this only reinforces my love for queues.

  15. I know cats and dogs smarter than Corey and Trevor

  16. Blame it on the black one of course

  17. Nice. Cool to see.

  18. Who needs floors.

  19. /r/oddlysatisfying

  20. How can this dog be so smart? Mine can’t even go around the coffee table when my legs are in the way 😂🤣

  21. How dumb sheep are.

    How smart dogs are.

    How sheep like humans are.

  22. The doggo saves the day another day

  23. Dogs are the best

  24. Reminds me of Shaun the sheep.

  25. Single file boys! Single file!!! C’mon!

  26. I’m always amazed by the videos of watch herding dogs work. How did humans teach dogs such a complex set of instructions that are carried over by instinct?

  27. I’m here to kick ass and chew on rawhide, and I’m all out of rawhide

  28. So that’s what’s going on in my arteries.

  29. What a good boy!

  30. Of course it’s the black sheep holding everyone up too!

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