1. “Well Chris, I know you were making $30.00 an hour as an IT. Specialist, here’s a Deli Associate position at $9.00 an hour!

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    mischievousbookworm March 29, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Quite frankly. I’d love to see this clown rounding up carts in the snow.

  3. Let’s see him work a 40hr+ week of retail

  4. “What’s that, Mr. Only Guy Who Knows How Our Network Functions? You DONT want to work retail for $8/hr? WHAT?”

  5. ‘Offered’ is a flowery way of saying demoted.

  6. Lol, let’s fix his quote.

    “We laid off over 100 marketing and IT employees. We offered them jobs with significantly reduced pay and completed unrelated to their career. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t want those jobs, so now I’m going to make up a load of nonsense as to how we didn’t want them to work for us anyway.”

  7. Hy-Vee used to be a decent store/company and a decent job too. Fuck you Randy for ruining that.

  8. Yeah I’m pretty sure the salaries didn’t carry over. I would happily work retail at professional IT salaries, but that’s not part of the deal right? Your workers wouldn’t accept 80% pay cuts, that’s the issue

    Edit: I just found out there’s a state law where they have to do detailed reporting if more than 25 people are laid off. This little trick of “we will offer you a demotion with a huge pay cut” allows them to claim only 19 people were laid off and avoid the need to report. Knowing of course that the 100 or so other people were mostly not going to accept the demotion, and will be laid off as intended

  9. If you want to pay extra for the same exact product that is at Walmart or Fareway then Hy Vee is your store. Worst price gouging I’ve seen in a grocery store…

  10. guess who is about to hire some expensive emergency IT consultants for $20k/wk?

  11. Hyvee just came to our town a few months back. Now I won’t shop there anymore.

  12. Fuck Randy and his Fat Ass. Worked at Hyvee for years, walked out after HR texted me about missing a shift I called out for.

    The reason I missed the shift was my grandpa dying.

  13. This is almost beautifully cruel and illogical. Rarely does a company actually gaslight you after taking your job. It’s the corporate equivalent of “Why are you hitting yourself?”

  14. Lick my love pump, Randy.

  15. 🗣you go work retail Randy!!

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    Ecstatic-Appeal-5683 March 29, 2022 at 11:25 am

    Dude takes a job away from an IT professional and thinks that he should just wanna work retail instead? And nobody wants to work, really?

  17. Someone that rich should really look better.

  18. Imagine going to school for an IT or business job and then being called an asshole because you don’t want to work retail. Lol

  19. Me to Randy Edeker, CEO:

    “Ok Randy, let’s demote you to hourly store worker at starting wage. If you don’t want to work at retail, frankly, we don’t want YOU to be a part of the company, and that’s OK!”

  20. That better not affect them being able to claim unemployment 💀

  21. Hy Vee has been screwing employees for a while now. They’ve forced out a lot of career employees because they want the bare minimum full timers. The store I worked at, in one year, went from 130 full timers to 90. And then they constantly want hours cut. Trying to be another Walmart and their prices are way too high for that. They are only surviving on their legacy of being customer service oriented when they stopped that years ago.

  22. [removed]

  23. I’m IT

    We don’t like people

    We don’t like retail

    Thats why we are IT

    One more place to not give my money too

  24. Literal corporate propaganda. What happened here is a millionaire executive who’s never worked a retail job in his life laid off 100+ people, offered them drastically worse jobs with substantial pay cuts, and then tried to act like he’s some champion of the working class and the people he fired are elitist snobs.

    This is so obvious that I feel stupid even pointing it out, but he made those offers knowing they’d be refused. It’s a completely transparent PR stunt.

    The reason it’s so obvious none of them would accept is because retail jobs are shit. And *why* are retail jobs shit? Because of asshole CEOs like this guy. “I’m on your side, retail workers. Not like those people from marketing and IT. Look, they think they’re too good to eat the shit I’m feeding you!”

  25. I didn’t go to 4 years of college, basically intern for 1 year at a non profit that paid me so poorly we were on food stamps, wic, heat and I was donating plasma for diapers and biking to work as I couldn’t afford the gas to be IT to get away from retail for some Rich ahole to be like well it’s a job.

  26. “I know we were paying you $90,000/year to be our lead Linux admin, but you can still get the same job satisfaction working retail for us at $11/hour. We were already paying you 40% under market anyway, so you should be used to it.”

  27. Gee I wonder why a person working a corporate job presumably with benefits wouldn’t want to work a job without benefits for half the pay at the company that just laid them off

  28. Evertime I see a post like this. I have to fight the urge to downvote it out of hate for the company. I always have to remember this is just someone informing me of a shit company

  29. Be a shame if they all of a sudden ran into IT issues…

  30. As an IT person who started out working retail, this is a huge load of crap. The only part of retail that I miss is the way that I completely left work behind when I walked out the door at the end of my shift. I don’t miss the low pay, physical toll on my body, crappy hours, shitty managers, and everything else.

  31. Let’s see his pink ass work one week in retail

  32. Sounds like he laid off his PR team too.

  33. Hy-Vee likes to push its bullshit claim of being “employee owned” because the retirement fund is a majority owner of stock in the company, iirc.

    Not entirely related, but it makes his face that much more punchable.

  34. Hy-Vee is fucking awful. I worked there off and on for 8 years in different positions including management. They only care about their profits at corporate and upper management/store directors that work in the stores only care about getting a fat bonus check. How do they do this you ask? Well since benefits are required if you average 32 hours, they just cut you from the schedule until your average goes down, they purposely short staff so labor is lower and I could write pages on the shitty work environment. A lot of upper management people get their jobs because they’re friends with other upper management people. I’m not saying every store is this way but I’ve worked at quite a few either because I transferred stores, took a promotion or was just helping out a different store and it was terrible at all of them. And they offer shit pay and expect you to work way harder than you deserve for that shit pay.

  35. I would kill to work at my current compensation as a Barista. Most fun I ever had working.

    Jobs aren’t the problem, the wages are, you greedy fat bastard.

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