1. This is great because it reduces Shurima reliance on demacia for board based strategies. You probably don’t run this in the current Sivir Akshan deck, but this opens up possiblities for new decks.

    It’s a worse single combat in a region that really needed a single combat.

  2. Posted in the Legends of Runeterra discord:

    >To extend Riot’s thanks to the Discord community for their ongoing support and passion, we’ve got an exclusive reveal of 1 of 3 new cards coming in Patch 3.4.0!
    >Desert Duel
    >There are other changes in this patch to help Shurima handle multiple enemies, Shurima has always been reliant on Vulnerable to address single targets. That’s a strong game plan when you can attack, but we felt they needed a tool that could also work on defense rounds.
    >The official Legends of Runeterra channels will be amplifying this release later today, but you saw it here first! Thank you again for being a part of this community and full patch notes will release later today with full details.

  3. Oh, yes. Sivir/Akshan is going to absolutely LOVE this one.

  4. Shuriman Single Combat.

  5. Oh, nice! Always happy to see Shurima support.

  6. Isn’t the next expansion in one month or so? Why are they revealing cards this early :O?

    Edit: Oh I get it, they’re pushing 3 new cards probably from the next expansion to live servers to see if those cards have any impact on the meta. That’s probably the balance change experiment they were talking about. Tho I doubt only 3 new cards will do anything but the fact that they just did this says a lot. Thank you Riot!

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    Distasteful-medicine March 29, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Shurima single combat looking neat

  8. Renekton decks will love this! 😁

  9. now give me a yordle and fae obliterate card to complete my day

  10. P&Z gets their first sweeper spell, now Shurima gets their first not-super-awkward Single Combat effect. Is this gonna be the removal/interaction patch that control players have dreamt of?

  11. Fiora shurima is back baby

  12. These first few reveals are looking WONDERFUL for control and midrange enjoyers

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    rememberthis122333 March 29, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Thinking of making a deck around the Noxus elephant and all these attack reductions in shurima


  15. Looks great with Sparring Student

  16. What an absolutely trash card. It’s Single Combat, but +1 mana and Slow speed. Utter garbage.

  17. Strike cards were supposed to something shurima had access to but it was relegated only to Grappling hook and siphoning strike. This is more general and is in line with shurima debuffs. It seems they only want to give it slow strikes. If shurima gets a daybreak package then this is good for it, beceause daybreak uses demacia for single combat.

  18. I want to use it with Queen already!

  19. Normally I would say make it 2 cost now that it’s slow but given how good strike spell with shurima I would say it’s good.

  20. Mono shurima copium

  21. A cheap Strike for Nasus and Renekton.

    Is This THEE expansion for Mono Shurima Bros?

  22. This card is perfect for Ekko, maybe a little slow but I’ll definitely get some use out of it

  23. So inorder to buff shurima they gave them demacias identity but better?

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