+40425 Grown man throws a temper tantrum on a…

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2022-03-29 00:05:53

+40425 – Grown man throws a temper tantrum on a freeway on-ramp

Grown man throws a temper tantrum on a freeway on-ramp from IdiotsInCars

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  1. I hate when people try to act so hard

  2. In so much of a big hurry that he felt he needed to cut people off, yet has plenty of time to get out of the car and yell at other drivers.

  3. I’m sure everything in his personal life is fine

  4. Nothing like a grown man parking his car in traffic to show his ass.

  5. Handled well. Dismiss him as the joke that he is.

  6. Dude’s gonna pull this shit someday with the wrong guy, who will either have a gun in his car or who will simply “Grond” him with the car itself.

  7. His “imma hard ass” walk made me laugh out loud.

  8. What a bonafide jackhole. Honestly though, not worth it getting into it with these idiots. Especially with kids in your car.

  9. As you took the first right starting out of the parking lot, he is there, just on the right. Clearly he felt you were supposed to let him exit first before you proceeded out of the parking lot. That was the beginning of the end. Then he just got more incensed as the drive progressed. He was waiting for you to do something that could trigger him, but you were driving properly. So instead he cuts you off to get YOU to honk so that HE could be triggered.

  10. That guy is just a bad driver. He should’ve just sped up and gotten over earlier instead of signaling and cutting you off. You did the right thing by just keeping your cool and not confronting him. He’ll get his eventually. There’s always someone bigger and badder than this type of clown and when there isn’t, that’s when someone pulls a gun out

  11. Props for the way you handled that. Would’ve definitely escalated if you went around him when it turned green.

  12. I’m guessing he got pissed in the parking lot because you didn’t let him in, so he felt entitled to cut you off, but getting honked at was too much for his pea sized brain

  13. He was the one who crossed a solid white line and cut in front of you…so why is he mad?

  14. Hey Monument Blvd! Such a gem of the East Bay.

  15. Dude is playing too much gta

  16. Easy way to get hurt

  17. Reply
    firstname_m_lastname March 29, 2022 at 11:26 am

    I once honked at someone stopped at the top of on off ramp that had its own lane – no reason in the world to stop there. The woman followed my into a store and found me in the aisle to yell at me for honking. When I told her there was no stop sign there, she screamed “I Am BLIND!!” To which I of course responded to with “what the hell are you doing driving a car then?!!?” She then called me a rich bitch and stormed off in a huff.

    TL/DR: people be crazy.

  18. As a local myself, OP knows as well as I do that moron is from “over the hill”. I’ll send this to PPD and run the plates.

  19. I mean… the cutoff wasnt the worst I’ve seen. I would have honked too but like it’s whatever. He definitely over reacted to a small honk😂

  20. This is how people get shot.

  21. He doesn’t look like the type of person who can use that word.

  22. Dude is a racist piece of shit and a bad driver

  23. What a winner

  24. He was hyping himself up to get on highway 4

  25. ???? This guy cut in front of YOU and decided to get upset? Like you did this to yourself, buddy

  26. Unpleasant Hill.

  27. Perhaps this footage might earn this idiot a trip
    to r/byebyejob.

  28. You can’t fix stupid, you can’t buy class and in this guy’s case: he’s broke driving a Lexus

  29. Shoulda honked one more time when he sat down again :’)

  30. I’m sad for our culture.

  31. Imagine being so uptight all the time that a simple honk of a horn makes you loose your 💩

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    notgvngmynam2amachin March 29, 2022 at 11:26 am

    Can I just say that I appreciate that you didn’t blur his plates to try to protect his identity since he was 100% in the wrong

  33. Is your baby, regardless of age, in car too? Cameras like these, not just back up, are going to be standard feature.

    I grew up with someone like that. Best course of action is to let idiot “win” that’s all he wants is a win.

  34. I know that on ramp! People cut in all the time there, yaaaaaaay Cali drivers. All very angry

  35. Imagine being so fragile you can’t handle someone beeping at you?

  36. he walks like an npc from gta that wants to pick a fight

  37. Your calmness amazes me lol

    I would have definitely given in and end the situation the hard way. It’s interesting that even happened.

    I’ll keep an eye out for that car, so can honk at him too see what happens 🙃.


  38. Thought I recognized that shopping center. Used to get Panda Express there, Concord/PH off Monument, right?

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