1. He chose his fate

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    TheLastLivingBuffalo March 30, 2022 at 12:09 am

    u/theDuckPancake Think you have another 350+ in you?

  3. I immediately thought about him 😆

  4. I guess we’ll see just how badly those drawings can get.

  5. I thought about doing a Weekly Mipha meme Until BOTW2 released back when i first started, Glad i decided against that.

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    Independent-Phone-19 March 30, 2022 at 12:09 am

    I wish the poor fellow well on his way

  7. Ok this may be the best reply to disappointing news ever LMAO!

  8. Need an appreciation post for the guy

  9. He’s drawing stuff literally every day

  10. I just almost did a spit take with my coffee reading this 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Hey, I’m not good with social things, but what if a bunch of people tweeted or messaged Nintendo of America seeing if they could do something for theduckpancake? I mean, he is a pretty darn dedicated fan, and it would be good publicity?

  12. Dude has kept it going this long, but another whole year? So sorry, dude.

  13. Wait is that true? The delay?

  14. It’s been already 500 times he’s done this

  15. truly a hero if he keeps going

  16. Link in BotW: _Makes Zelda wait 100 years, then takes forever getting 900 Korok seeds before rescuing her._

    Nintendo’s latest release annoncement: _”Two can play that game…”_

  17. So true and accurate

  18. Great thing to learn when I first wake up

  19. Hahahahaha this is sad and funny AF

  20. I swear if this game isn’t perfect I’m going to cry

  21. We should all pitch in an buy him a copy when it releases

  22. Wouldn’t it be super rad if Nintendo reached out to work with him a little to also help advertise the game? I don’t know anyone else on this sub who DOESN’T know him! LEGEND!

  23. Too bad Nintendo won’t use the delay to create a cutscene with a young Ganon drawing his exact same posts

  24. He should join the game team.

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    GoodCatLostAccAgain March 30, 2022 at 12:09 am

    Yeeeeah!!! Another year of karma farming

  26. I waited three years for elden ring now to wait for this ☹️

  27. True

  28. this makes me want to replay BOTW for the 100th time

  29. Our pain is also our gain.

  30. But we gotta time range!

  31. He is a fool if he thought it wasnt going to be delayed, we all knew 2022 was way to soon, chances are it’ll release in summer 2024

  32. Has anyone thought of contacting Nintendo directly to see how they can hook him up? Totally deserves to play the game before any of us 😂

  33. I literally came here to check on him after seeing it on Twitter.

  34. I wish I could search the number “2” on this subreddit with out those awful spam posts taking up all of the results.

  35. Wasn’t his most recent one a scene of someone falling off a cliff?

  36. Waiting for BOTW2 is like waiting for Jesus.

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