1. This is why Downloads is my dumping ground for everything. It’s like triage. They all go there first then get moved or deleted.

  2. You’ve got to waterboard clippy to find out.

  3. now i use Everything.exe it changed my life to find anything and everything in less than a second. i would say it’s right up there with vlookup and sliced bread.

  4. Saved to OneDrive.

  5. Windows asks me to choose where I want to save things, so I already know where it’s saved, I chose the location.

  6. Word: I placed it in Documents.

    Me: It’s not in Documents.

    Word: It’s in the Documents *folder.*

    Me: I’m viewing the Documents folder, and it’s not here.

    Word: I swear it’s right there in your OneDrive Documents folder.

    Me: *I* ***hate*** *you so much…*

  7. This is the level of computer illiteracy I expect from the elderly women at my work, not this subreddit.

  8. Not knowing where a document gets saved is something to be expected of someone who thinks documents are saved by windows

  9. Wow, I had to double check this was posted in r/pcmasterrace not r/oldpeoplefacebook. Saving “in windows” works on a program-by-program basis almost every time, operating system has nothing to do with it. Assuming OP/creator of the meme meant documents saved in internet browser: it’s CTRL + J.

  10. To the place it saves or to the place you told it to save. This isn’t some great mystery unless you’re really behind the curve.

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    Constant-Context7448 March 29, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    fine I’ll do it myself *File – > new – > file – > save as – > alt+d – > ctrl+c – > win+r – > ctrl+v – > return* was that so hard??

  12. Fuckin make it ask you every time rather than bitching about it.


  14. Same with removing physical media, “can’t eject the device because it’s being used by a program.” okay, what program?

    Windows: you’re on your own buddy

  15. In the downloads folder lul

  16. Same situation

  17. Search bar is feeling lonely

  18. I kept losing design files so I found a program online called Everything and I just use that to search for any filename/filetype and it brings it up pretty easy.

  19. hahhahha love this.

  20. “Where I said I did”

  21. Are you to zoomer to understand that windows stores the downloaded files every time in the same directory(if you haven’t specifically said Windows to store it to a directory if you choice) that’s called, wait for it,…. Downloads 🤯

  22. Microsoft continues to frustrate me at every turn. After the watermark issue with their Windows 11 preview builds, I’m back on MacOS – at least until MacOS drives me up the wall.

  23. And that’s why i always save documents manually

  24. ~/Documents ~/Downloads and if it’s not in any of those then it’s got to be in ~/

  25. Quick Access is right there though

  26. “Do i look like i fucking care?”

  27. C:/windows/Users/Last name/downloads

  28. GeForce screens shots! No clue where they are hiding. I keep taking them in hopes that one day I find the folder.

  29. recent files babyyyyy

  30. Go to “Save As” it typically opens to the last place it saved something. Unless it was like a temp file that you hadn’t actually saved before turning your computer off.

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    I_Speak_For_The_Ents March 29, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    Why is steams default screenshot folder so shit?

  32. Open file explorer with none already open and it should show the quick menu which shows most recently interacted with files
    Quick menu is awesome

  33. Wasn’t there a dialog box that opened to select the location of saved doc on windows 🤔

  34. This is even more of an Android problem.

  35. Did you check the file? Have you tried turning it off and on again?

  36. Free download manager 👍

  37. one key: F12

  38. I don’t understand this meme, are you not aware what location have you put to save file in? It seems that computer illiteracy is higher than ever, especially on this subreddit.

  39. File > Recent Files

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    SnooCauliflowers8545 March 29, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    Android is the worst for this, my single greatest gripe with the OS

  41. It’s in Documents silly

  42. OMG so real. Only thing is 99% of my trash goes into my downloads

  43. I hate how you cant choose to default everything to desktop. Its your fucking desktop. Shit goes there to be sorted.

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