1. I’m a forever DM and I feel called out.

    I work really hard for the slow long burns.

    In curse of Strahd I re did his “brides” I made one a (non sexual) daughter figure who was embraced at 12. She met the PC’s on the side of the road before death house and pretended to be trying to get to her Uncles after her grandfather died (there was a dead old man on the side of the road, just not her grandfather).

    They took her through the whole death house while she acted brave for a kid. When they found out she was a vampire (which was a bit after the house) it was great.

  2. I dunno. The PC’s generate a lot of trauma on their own. Lot of self-inflicted wounds going ‘round

  3. I usually don’t inflict trauma, so much as regret and disappointment.

    I try to make sure that any potentially “traumatic” events appear to be the players’ fault.

    Which may be worse, but at least they don’t blame me for it.

  4. Every strahd campaign ever

  5. [deleted]

  6. The session I just joined did this. The rest of them have been murdehoboing across the solar system and finally decided to set up a legitimate business. Less than 2 weeks into the tour business one of their pcs got targeted by an illithid terrorist cell and had their hover ship blown up midtour. The look on the players face was heartbreaking because he never saw it coming. He spending the next several hours grumbling about it under his breath because he lost on an initiative roll to protect the hoverboat from a suicide bomber in his only bad roll of the night (he also thought the device might have been a camera or recording device and not in fact a detontator).

  7. Last night I had a TPK after the party has attack by a group of ratfolk, send them this meme and they hated it. Thanks

  8. When the party wizard’s mentor betrayed them to steal the MacGuffin they’d been gathering and revealed herself as the BBEG, I actually made the wizard’s player cry.

    I felt pretty good about that one.

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