+3814 [OC] Champion Cynthia Battle – How my…

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2022-03-29 16:08:49

+3814 – [OC] Champion Cynthia Battle – How my diamond remake should look like.

[OC] Champion Cynthia Battle – How my diamond remake should look like. from pokemon

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  1. This is badass. Would totally sink 73 hours in a Pokémon game with this art style

  2. I miss the pokemon pixelart games, so here is my version of a remake of pokemon diamon =)

    Thanks for watching!


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    Sorry-Government-335 March 30, 2022 at 12:21 am

    This is really well done. I *need* a Pokémon game in this style

  4. As a Garchomp fan… I LOVE THIS!
    It looks really clean and the animation is amazingly smooth!
    Really well done, keep it up! 😀

  5. Uhhh like the boobs physics. Great job!

  6. It looks very cool but why is there boob physics

  7. Lmao with boob physics and all….

  8. Like the art on Cynthia

  9. It looks a ton better than BDSP imo, I’m just not a fan of when people make things in an old art style with smooth animations. (Like picture if there was a crouching animation in the first 3 2d Mario games, it would just look not right)

  10. This is really good, I love this! 😀

  11. I can already hear the piano.

  12. Both pixel art and 3d have their ups and downs. Both were great but I believe 3d was the right path for Pokémon

  13. Ah boob physics excellent. Also would definitely play this looks great.

  14. Looks great

  15. You just triggered my PTSD.

  16. THIS is how a champion fight with Cynthia should look like

  17. This is weirdly well fitting. I’m on my first gen 4 play through ever and I just received the 8th gym badge.

    The fear of her Garchomp is inexplicable 🙂

    Nice art too!

  18. Remember when u would walk into a random house in Undella Town and chills go down your spine

  19. I’m about to face her in my Platinum nuzlocke. Oh boy oh boy.

  20. u/savevideobot

  21. This animation is dope!

  22. I’m gonna die, too many flashbacks

  23. What BDSP should’ve looked like:

    Like seriously, we all hate the chibi artstyle, use this.

  24. One word. AMAZING.

  25. This is soooo good

  26. This art style is amazing, would you mind explaining the process? I’d like to practice it

  27. This artstyle somehow makes me think that she’s going to send her Garchomp to just fight You instead of your Pokémon.

  28. You forgot the part where I am sobbing profusely in the background after losing to that Garchomp with a sliver of health for the 37th time.

  29. Pokémon with pixel art was amazing. I miss it a lot

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